5 Rose-Flavoured Delights For Ramadan

This year, Ramadan begins on April 2 and ends on May 2. Muslims throughout the world have already started prepping for it. During this month, people fast from dawn to dusk, and break it with a lavish feast, consisting of all things delicious, called ‘iftar’. Are you observing a fast this Ramadan and planning for a delicious iftar? Here are five rose-flavoured delights you can add to it.

1. Rose Shrikhand

This hung curd-based dessert is one of the most delightful desserts you can add to your menu. And a Rose-flavoured Shrikhand is favoured even more. Indulge in a rose-flavoured, silky and smooth shrikhand this Ramadan to make your iftar a lot more decadent.

2. Rose Laddoos

A delectable melange of coconut, rose syrup and dry fruits, Rose Laddoos are a perfect sweetmeat to celebrate any special occasion. And adding rose laddoos to your Ramadan menu is one of the best things you can do.  

3. Mohabbat Ka Sharbat

If you have ever been to Old Delhi during summers, you must have heard the name of this refreshing and delicious drink. Mainly made with milk, rose syrup and watermelon chunks, Mohabbat Ka Sharbat is a perfect drink to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

4. Gulab Phirni

Phirni is clearly the close cousin of kheer and there’s no denying the fact. The gooey, fragrant and decadent sweet is loved for its flavour and texture. But have you ever thought about a rose-flavoured phirni? If not, now is the time for you to try it and relish a delectable dessert. Gulab Phirni not only has rose syrup but is garnished with dried rose petals too.

5. Gulab Pak

This dish spells ‘decadent’ and ‘royalty’ like no other due to its taste and texture. This Gujarati dish is made with dried rose petals, khoya and dry fruits and is all things delicious, gooey and aromatic. Moreover, the aroma of desi ghee leaves you craving for more for sure. So, why wait? Try this Gulab Pak this Ramadan and let us know how it made you drool.