5 Quick Tips To Make Soft And Yummy Brownies
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Talk about a comforting, gooey dessert, and many would instantly think of brownies, isn’t that true? Anyone with a sweet tooth or one who loves to bake would agree that brownies simply scream indulgence. No matter what time of the day it is, brownies can satiate those sugar cravings instantly. In fact, it is an instant mood lifter too. Honestly, one bite of a decadent brownie can lift the spirits in no time. 

These small squares of chocolate baked confection with a fudgy, moist texture - depending on how dense your batter is - spells indulgence. And that gooey centre can make anyone weak in the knee. But while noshing on a brownie is super easy, baking a brownie is definitely a tough job. As much as baking is therapeutic, even a small mistake can lead to a failed attempt, and so one needs to be super careful while baking at home. 

From the quantity and quality of ingredients used to the time and temperature calculated to the second, all of it plays an important role in baking a perfect brownie. So, if you’re planning to make some brownies at home, and wondering how to make those perfect soft and moist ones, we have got you covered with some of the best tips and tricks. Take a look. 

1. Avoid overmixing the batter  

A perfect batter is the key to a yummy baked treat, but overmixing it can spoil the game. If you mix the batter too much, air gets incorporated into it, making it light and fluffy, which we don’t want for a dense brownie. The denser the brownie batter, the moister your brownies will be.   

2. Use good quality ingredients 

The quality of all the ingredients is of prime importance. A good quality cocoa powder and chocolate can turn your brownie game around in no time. They have an intense flavour, and so using fresh cocoa and chocolate will result in the brownies staying fresh for a long time. 

3. Go for medium-sized tin  

A tin too small would not allow the batter to spread evenly, and a tin too big would spread it out in a thin layer, which will ultimately result in dry and cakey brownies. A medium-sized tin is recommended by professional bakers. 

4. Choose the right type of tin  

The type of tin is as important as the size of it. Using a light-coloured metal tin instead of dark ones is recommended, as a dark tin can speed up the baking process and result in over-baked brownies. 

5. Avoid over-baking the brownies 

Keep a check on your brownies every 15-20 minutes by gently inserting a tooth pick in the centre to see how wet the batter is. If it's firm enough, it's time to take them out and let it cool. An undercooked brownie is a better option than an overbaked one.  

Now that you are armed with all the hacks and tips, we have the perfect brownie recipe for you to try at home. Click here for the full recipe of chocolate brownie. Try it at home and share your experience with us.