5 Quick And Easy Brunch Recipes To Aid Weight Loss
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A meal that includes fresh vegetables, lean protein, and other health-promoting foods would not just boost our health but also aid in weight loss. Now, in order to understand how weight loss is achievable, we first need to remember that it isn’t an overnight process, but a goal which has to be worked towards every day. We understand that having a healthy lunch is not always easy, especially if you’re busy at work or on the go during the day. And a healthy lunch every day is a part of the same process. As much as breakfast, exercise routine, and small meals are important, your lunch is also as important, especially when you are aiming for weight loss.  

Lunch is what keeps you going through the day, keeps hunger pangs and cravings for fast food at bay. A low-carb, low-fat lunch is what works best for a weight loss-friendly meal. While we work towards cutting back on carbohydrates, we need to be mindful to do it in moderation. Eliminate the junk from the diet, but don’t cut the carbs out altogether. That keeps a balance in our system. And we understand that making an elaborate lunch while juggling between work isn’t quite possible. So, what are some of our quick and easy lunch options for weight loss that we can make?  

A high-protein, fibre-rich diet made with limited or no oil combined with wholesome, nutritious ingredients thrown in, makes for a healthy meal that may aid in weight loss. Here are a few delicious lunch recipes that you can try at home to add-in your weight loss diet. 

1. Veggie Wraps

A wholesome vegetable wrap made with some hummus, crunchy carrots, cucumbers, and other nutritious veggies of your choice, wrapped in whole wheat tortillas make for a quick and easy lunch option. You can simply add in a lean protein source of your choice, along with a healthy dip, plenty of veggies for a wholesome wrap. 

2. Oats Idli 

Low-carb oats idli, made with a combination of curd, oats, dals and a host of spices, is just perfect for a healthy and filling lunch that can also aid in weight loss. Oats and dals, being rich in fibre, help you remain full for long and prevent binge-eating.  

3. Avocado Egg Salad Sandwich 

Swap your mayonnaise with creamy avocado in your classic egg salad, and sandwich it between toasted whole wheat bread. Can your lunch meal get any easier? The spices and herbs in this sandwich give your regular sandwich a flavourful spin. 

4. Methi Ajwain Paratha 

If parathas are your absolute love, don’t worry. You don’t need to cut it off your diet for weight loss. While we do agree that parathas are often seen as greasy and fatty, you can always cut back on excess of everything when cooking at home. Just like in the case of this methi-ajwain paratha, which comes enriched with fibre that keeps your body weight in check. 

5. Egg Chaat 

A powerhouse of nutrients including protein, good fats and vitamins, eggs can be a great addition to your weight loss diet. Besides, it is such a versatile ingredient. Here is this boiled egg chaat, which comes with a delicious desi twist, combining the goodness of eggs with interesting spices and condiments to give your taste buds a whole new experience.