5 North Indian Street Foods Every Spicy Food Lover Should Try
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

The love affair between us Indians and spices is no longer a secret to the world. Indian cuisine is known for the usage of an assortment of spices that bring out the best in the delicacies. From whole spices that go into the tempering to powdered spices that add the much-needed flavour to the dish, Indian cuisine is acclaimed for the spices. And if we further explore the country’s culinary landscape, it’s evident that even the regional cuisines have their own quantity of spices that go into the dishes and pack them with the flavours that they are famous for. So, on today’s culinary journey, we are delving into some spicy snacks from North India. Check them out.

1. Mirchi Vada

We guess the name is enough to make you drool over the snack and you must be aware of the spice level of the snacks. Made with Shimla mirch, Mirchi Vada is made by dipping Shimla mirch in a besan batter and deep-frying them after. If you want a spicy snack, you can serve mirchi vadas with a chutney and some onion rings on the side and you are good to go.

2. Samosa Chaat

Samosa Chaat is one of the most popular street foods in Delhi, and you can’t miss out on it when you are in the Capital. The crispy, deep-fried samosa are topped with some spicy chutneys and chopped onions and sev and are a delightful option when it comes to a wholesome snack.

3. Murgh Kali Mirch Tikka

Non-vegetarians know that tikkas are one of the best appetisers. And if you are a spice lover, Murgh Kali Mirch Tikka is a must-try for you. The chicken tikkas are smothered with black pepper powder that gives them a punchy and spicy flavour. And needless to say, this tikka will make you drool with the first bite itself.

4. Gol Gappe

The fanbase of Gol Gappe in India is not a secret, and we all know how dear it is to us. I mean, why else would we be fuming after seeing weird trends with gol gappe if it wasn’t that dear to us? This street food delight is loved by people from all age groups. After all, the joy of enjoying crispy puris stuffed with a spicy aloo mixture and served with meetha and teekha paani is unparalleled.

5. Spicy Aloo Tikki

If you are strolling around Delhi and haven’t eaten Aloo Tikki for snacks, your trail doesn’t seem to be complete. One can find a street food vendor deep-frying heart-shaped or round tikkies on a hot tawa in almost every lane in the Capital and that proves how delicious and popular this street food is. The tikkis are served with spicy chutneys along with some garnishes on the top, and are a delightful snack to load up on.