5 Light And Delicious Summer Breakfast Ideas That You Can Count On

Come summer and our minds go straight into all things light and refreshing. While some of us still hang around the decadent treats of the cozy and comforting winter evenings, the unbearable Indian summers give us a reality check to get off our dreams carriage. With the surge in temperatures every passing day, we crave something light, refreshing and delectable to start our days with. With the high temperature and unbearable heat, our bodies certainly need something that will keep us hydrated and fresh throughout the day the first thing in the morning. So, to make your summers more bearable and delightful, we have curated five breakfast recipes that you can add to your summer diet this year. Check them out:

1. Mango And Pineapple Smoothie

Why not enjoy the season’s specialities the first thing in the morning? Having a glass of refreshing and delectable smoothie made with two of summer’s favourite bounties is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast options.

2. Poha With Curd

Poha is one of India’s quintessential comfort foods and we can’t deny the fact. The light and delicious breakfast when paired with a bowl of curd makes a complete package of decadence and nutrition that is hard to get over.

3. Paratha And Chaas

The classic North Indian combo- paratha with chaas is one of the best things to relish on summer mornings. The OG package of wholesomeness- parathas paired with the ever-hydrating chaas will surely leave you energized for the entire day.

4. Pancakes Topped With Fresh Fruits

Mention healthy and decadent breakfast and our minds go straight into the alleys of filling and wholesome pancakes with a generous drizzle of honey or maple syrup and some fruits. Summers are especially a matter of delight for foodies due to the array of fresh fruits and who would want to miss savouring fresh fruits the first thing in the morning?  

5. Yogurt Oatmeal With Fruits And Nuts

Needless to say, yogurt is one of the best probiotics one can load up on during summers. And combining them with something as wholesome as oats is one of the best breakfast options. Make overnight oats with yogurt and top it with fruits and nuts to make it more filling and delectable.