5 Leaf-Based Indian Parathas You Must Try
Image Credit: Methi paratha, spiceupthecurry

India is known for its wide range of parathas or flatbread. From plain to stuffed ones with potato, radish, cauliflower, paneer and so on, epicureans are spoilt for choice while relishing Indian parathas. The healthier versions have fresh green leafy vegetables, which enhance taste, flavours, and nutrition quotient. These leaf-based parathas are favourite for their health and taste factors.

Let's learn about 5 such variants!

Methi Paratha

These highly-nutritious greens are used in various dishes and ways in Indian cooking. The dry leaves are knowns as kasuri methi and are primarily used as a herb to flavour dishes. Methi paratha is made with the fresh green of fenugreek leaves. A generous amount of leaves are cleaned, washed and chopped, then added to the whole wheat flour and kneaded together to make the dough. This is a breakfast, lunch and dinner staple in many Indian households. 

Palak Paratha

We all know the power of palak or spinach. Remember the animation character Popeye The Sailor Man? His instant energy booster is spinach. Indian moms have been giving some energy boost to their kids with palak parathas. These flatbreads come under the plain paratha category. Often, they are served with curd, achaar and simple bhaji. There are two ways of making it. A few used the fresh spinach leaves as puree, while others like to use it in chopped form and mix it with the flour to make the dough. Since it doesn't need any resting time, it can be cooked instantly. 

Moringa Greens Paratha

Moringa leaves paratha, Image Source: shobhasfoodmazaa.com

A staple in South Indian cuisine, drumstick leaves or moringa greens are rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin C, protein, iron, and potassium. To make this take around 1 cup of the drumstick leaves after picking them. Soak the greens in a big water-filled container for 10-15 minutes. The leaves are removed from the water and given a little squeeze before being cut. It is mixed with one's preferred spices and herbs, and wheat flour to make the dough. Roll them into parathas and relish with curd or alu curry.

Curry Patta Paratha

Do you want to experiment with a new curry leaf recipe? Then you must try this paratha with fresh curry leaves. This healthy and low-fat curry leaves paratha uses chopped curry leaves in the dough during the kneading process. Later a roasted curry leaves powder seasoned with spices such as red chillies, cumin powder and sesame seeds is smeared on the paratha while rolling it. This powder adds a distinct aroma to it. 

Dhania pudina paratha, Image Source: jcookingodyssey

Hara dhania paratha

Also known as the coriander paratha, the hara dhania paratha is a flatbread. It is a plain paratha that is nutritious and high in fibre. Serve with your preferred pickle and boondi raita. These are ideal for breakfast, dinner or even for kids' lunchboxes. Fresh coriander leaves are cleaned, chopped, and mixed with a few spices such as coriander powder, cumin powder, and green chillies; it is kneaded with whole wheat flour to make the dough. Then rolled and roasted as parathas.