22 Types Of Paratha You Can Find In India
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Wheat has been a staple in the Indian subcontinent and for many centuries people of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been growing, consuming and creating various breads using this food crop. Parathas are one of those flatbreads that can be made out of whole wheat or refined wheat flour which is commonly shallow fried in oil, and served alongside accoutrements like curries or pickles. There are various kinds of parathas that can be found in India itself, either ones that originated here and some that have shared influences with our neighbouring countries. Parathas can also be stuffed with various fillings or made with alternate ingredients that makes this flatbread truly a blank canvas for our imaginations to run wild. Parathas has been served as a breakfast bread, as a snack, in lunches and dinners and sometimes it can also be a dessert by itself. In a country like India, with regional and culinary diversities, Parathas have been a mainstay and whether it be the North or South, East or West, parathas are never identical but everyone is familiar with the term, considering the variations of the flatbread that can be found across the length and breadth of this country. In this article, we're going to be taking a deep dive into the numerous forms of parathas, what makes them stand apart from the rest of the lot, and how is it that people pair them, when they're having this shallow-fried flatbread. 

1.Aloo Paratha

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One for the sweet-tooth, dried dessicated cocunut is mixed with the paratha dough with sugar to create this hard textured paratha that breaks like a papad rather than tearing apart, and is massively underrated in its flavour profile which gives us the best of both worlds.

20.Dry Fruit and Nut Paratha

If you want to dine like a king, make this paratha that comprises of a filling of grinded dried fruits and nuts that uses the paratha as a carrier of rich flavours. 

21.Sattu Paratha

Made with roasted gram flour, this paratha is great for gluten intolerant people who still want to have the taste of parathas.

22.Moong Paratha

Made with peeled green gram or moong dal flour, this paratha is also gluten-free and can be made on days of fasting or rituals of similar kind.