5 Irresistible South Indian Fish Recipes You Must Try

South Indian cuisine is one of its kind. Not only does it bring an array of varied, regional delicacies to the table, it also has a distinct flavour that is hard to find. South Indians obviously have easy access to the southern coastline, and so fish makes a prominent feature in the local food and cuisine. One can savour a lip-smacking range of fish preparations in south India making it a soul-satisfying affair. And the cuisine sure doesn’t disappoint with a range of fish preparations. Be it easy masala coated fish to rich curries or aromatic biryani, fish is used in myriad ways in south Indian cuisine.

Some of the most common fishes that are used in south India includes seer, pearl spot, kingfish, Indian salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines among others. A common technique of preparing fish in South India is by marinating it in a host of masalas which includes red chilli powder, salt and turmeric, coating it with semolina crumbs, and pan-frying it till crunchy.  

If you are looking for more interesting ways to enjoy fish the south Indian way, we’ve got a host of recipes to begin with. 

1. Mangalorean Fish Curry 

Coconut oil, coconut milk, fish steak, tamarind and a host of spices come together for a stellar meal of Mangalorean Fish Curry or Fish Gassi. It is a mouth-watering meal that is served best with a piping hot bowl of steamed rice. 

2. Karimeen Pollichathu 

A popular fish recipe from Kerala, Karimeen Pollichathu is native to Allepey, and involves Karimeen fish. What makes it unique is that the fish is marinated in a blend of rich and fiery masala, packed in a banana leaf and baked. It makes for a wholesome meal when served with rice.  

3. Chettinad Fish Fry 

Chettinad is known to be one of the spiciest cuisines of India and if you are done with your regular fish fry, a little bit of Chettinad fish is all you need to spruce it up. Freshly made Chettinad masala, made with a mix of peppercorns, mustard, fennel seeds, red chilli powder, tamarind pulp and more, laced over the fish for marination and then pan-fried.  

4. Hyderabadi Fish Biryani 

A flavorful mix of rice, spices and fish makes for an aromatic delight you cannot resist. The essence of Kewra, the hint of saffron and the nuttiness of cashews along with spicy peppercorns is what makes this a delightful feast. 

5. Meen Curry 

Tangy, tantalising and soul-satiating, Kottayam Meen Curry brings a range of flavours with tamarind, vinegar and a special uluva powder, a special methi powder from south India.  

So which recipe are you trying next?