5 Flours To Include In Your Diet To Stay Healthy During Winter

It is the end of December and winter is on its peak. This season brings a lot of occasions to celebrate like Christmas and New Year along with a variety of warm and delectable delicacies. From gajar ka halwa to Kashmiri gushtaba, food is best part of this season. But we also need to be conscious during winters as it also brings seasonal diseases such as cough and flu

It is very important to eat healthy during winters in order to build immunity to fight against those diseases. There are a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables that not only build immunity but also keep you warm during winter. Chapatis are a staple in Indian cuisine and it is usually served in breakfast and dinner. Wheat is the most common type of flour used for making chapati in the country but there are other types of flour as well that can build immunity and improve your gut health during this season. 

Here are five types of flours you must include in your winter diet to stay healthy: 

1. Jowar 

Jowar or sorghum is a gluten-free flour that is mostly consumed in the form of cereals. It is good for digestion, fluctuating sugar levels and heart health. Jowar is also dense in nutrients like calcium, fibre, iron and antioxidants that keeps the winter diseases away. 

2. Bajra 

Packed with fibre and protein, it is the most popular flour during winter. It is also beneficial for managing diabetes and cholesterol levels. Bajra is also a good source of omega-3 and iron along with being gluten-free. Apart from roti you can also make uttapam, dalia, and khichdi with bajra.  

3. Makki  

Who doesn’t know the popular combo; makki roti and sarson ka saag. This wholesome winter meal is enjoyed all across the country. Makki or maize flour has a nutient-rich profile that helps in building immunity during this season. Maize flour can also be used for baking cookies and breadsticks. 

4. Ragi 

Also known as finger millet, ragi is an excellent source of calcium. It is said to be a perfect substitute of wheat flour for people who are trying to lose weight. This flour can be used for making roti, dosa, porridge as well as ladoo. 

5. Foxtail 

Commonly known as kangni, foxtail millet is an excellent source of vitamins that helps in proper functioning of heart and nervous system. It is a great substitute to white rice and can help you in keeping full for a longer period. Foxtail millet flour is also rich in iron and calcium that strengthens bones making it ideal for winter diet. 

Include these nutrient-rich flours in your diet and stay healthy during winter.