From Kesar Milk to Hot Chocolate, Drinks That Define Winters
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With the onset of Winters, we get a chance to indulge into some hot and soothing drinks. Isn’t it? Just like aam panna, buttermilk, jaljeera, or coconut water are summer essentials, there are a few soothing drinks that perfectly defines Winter. As the temperature drops, it becomes essential to switch to some drinks that can keep you warm. So, here is a list of some beverages that will once again give you a reminder that Winter is here!!

Masala Chai

I know that tea doesn’t need a season to impress us but a sip of perfectly made masala chai can do wonders in the winter season. Those who know, know! One can officially label it as the official winter drink, isn’t it? This tea not only helps you in staying warm but the spices in it also offer so many health benefits.

Hot Chocolate

This is the most loved beverage, and we just cannot disagree. Winters are incomplete without not one but many cups of hot chocolate. It is a beautiful and rich blend of chocolate, cocoa, and milk. You should NOT refuse a cup of hot chocolate as this might be considered an offense.

Badam Milk

A glass of hot badam milk on a chilled day!! Sounds amazing, isn’t it? This is a winter-special beverage found in almost every Indian household. It has spices like cinnamon and nutmeg which enhances its taste to the next level. Don’t forget to have this beverage.


All Punjabis out there, it’s the time when we get to enjoy our favourite Kanji. Neither it’s warm nor it's milk, what makes it a winter drink? It is because this drink is made up of black carrots which are found in the winter season only. Cooked much before consumption, this drink tastes when perfectly matured. 

                                    Image credits: Yummy Food Recipes

Honey and Turmeric Warm Water

This is a beautiful and rather healthy concoction that spreads its charm beautifully during winters. This drink has turmeric which beats fatigue and honey that not only comforts the senses but keeps you warm on cold days. It is recommended to have this drink before bed and see the magic.

Kesar Doodh

Just like badam milk, Kesar doodh is yet another staple drink in Indian households, especially during winters. With added nuts, this kesar drink is divine and is perfect to end your day. Since saffron is high in antioxidants, they are also beneficial for health. Taste and health both in the same drink? Yes!!!!

                                      Image credits: Recipe Funnel

Aren’t these drinks or we should say winter drinks the best? Let us know which of these drinks is your favourite.