5 Delicious Side Dishes To Serve With Chicken Popcorn
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

Be it a party, game night or a cosy weekend, chicken popcorn often comes in handy. The tender and succulent chicken along with the crispy exterior is enough to turn your day around. The deep-fried goodies are perfect to fit into any occasion. The bite-sized popcorns are irresistibly delicious and often lead to sinful bingeing. However, like any other delicious goodie, chicken popcorn is best relished with a side. So, here are five accompaniments that you can have with chicken popcorn for a fulfilling meal.

1. A Dipping Sauce

If your chicken popcorn hasn’t been cooked in any kind of sauce, a dipping sauce is the perfect side to go with it. You can choose any sauce to go with chicken popcorn starting from a spicy BBQ sauce to creamy mayonnaise.

2. Coleslaw

Often containing raw veggies, coleslaw is a great side to have with chicken popcorn without compromising on the health factor. The refreshing flavour and the crunchy texture are perfect to compliment the popcorn.

3. French Fries

Finger foods are a great accompaniment. But have you ever thought of having two of them together? If not, then you must try this combo. French fries along with chicken popcorn are one of the best combos to relish. Try this on a weekend movie night, along with some beverages for a delightful meal.

4. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is one of the most delicious and filling sides one can count on. Having garlic bread along with chicken popcorn will not only yield a garlic-y flavour but also make you full. The crispy and buttery bread along with the delicious and crunchy chicken popcorn is a delight to savour together.

5. Roasted Veggies

Add some roasted veggies to your chicken popcorn platter to make it more filling, wholesome and delicious. Season them generously with salt, pepper and paprika to add more flavours to it.