5 Delicious Breakfasts To Try When In Bengal
Image Credit: Source: sahananandy/Instagram

We all know that Bengali cuisine is a treasure trove of culinary gems that are enough to woo even a cynic. Popular for its non-vegetarian dishes and desserts, Bengali cuisine is all things rich, diverse and delicious. However, it often seems like the reputation of its sweetmeats and non-vegetarian dishes overshadow a much significant part of the cuisine that constitute items for breakfast. They have some wholesome breakfast dishes that are enough to keep you full the entire day. So, if you are bored of your regular breakfast and need a boost, try these five Bengali breakfast options.

1. Panta Bhaat

A classic Eastern Indian delicacy, Panta Bhaat is a fermented rice dish that is perfect to begin your day with. The fermented rice is usually served with aloo bhorta and fried fish and is a must-have during the summer season. Thinking about a perfect summer breakfast? Panta Bhaat is enough to keep you hydrated and filled during the humid summer months.

If you visit a Bengali home on a Sunday, you will surely find this iconic combo in some houses. A classic combo comprising deep-fried luchis and flavourful aloo dum, this Bengali delicacy is perfect for your morning indulgence.

3. Radhaballabhi

A fan of pooris and deep-fried goodies for breakfast? Then Bengali Radhaballabhi will surely win your heart. Basically, a deep-fried poori stuffed with a lentil mixture, Radhaballabhi is served with aloo tarkari, a spicy potato curry. One of the favourite breakfast options of Bengalis, the dish is crispy, delicious and flavourful too.

4. Ghugni

Want to savour a healthy, filling and delicious breakfast? Bengali ghugni is here to your rescue. The Bengal gram-based curry is usually served with a topping of chopped onions and a sprinkle of some masalas. The curry is filled with the goodness of chickpeas and is a wholesome option to start your day with.

5. Koraishutir Kochuri

The love affair between us Indians and kachori is no more a hidden secret. From pyaaz ki kachori to khasta kachori and many more, India is blessed with a variety of kachoris since times immemorial. However, this Bengali Koraishutir Kochuri is quite distinct in terms of flavours. Stuffed with a green peas mixture, this dish is usually served with aloo curry.