5 Dahi-Based Dishes And Drinks To Keep You Cool This Summer

Summers are almost here and we are all aware of the sweat and chaos that the warm months bring along with them. The rising temperatures, humid weather and scorching days get together to make everything unpleasant. However, if there's anything that comes to our rescue during summers, it is food. The assortment of summer-exclusive delicacies saves us from the uncomfortable summer days. The refreshing fruits, vegetables and goodies made with cooling ingredients are enough to leave us recharged and revitalised for the entire day. One such cooling and hydrating food is curd. Filled with essential nutrients and an amazing source of probiotics, curd is one of the most ideal foods to include in your summer diet. As the sweaty days are already knocking at our doors, there is no better time to bookmark all the refreshing delicacies that are made with curd. Here are five options you can try.

1. Dahi Bhalla

With Holi almost here, there’s no better time to talk about dahi bhalla. The soft bhallas dunked in the flavourful dahi mixture is one of the best things to gorge on summer evenings.

2. Chaas

If you have ever been to Delhi, you must have savoured the delightful combination of aloo parathas and chaas. A savoury curd-based drink, chaas is all things hydrating, delicious and rejuvenating.

3. Lassi

Punjabis just can’t tolerate the summer without relishing a tall glass of lassi for breakfast. The delicious and refreshing north Indian beverage is a perfect drink to combat summers.

4. Dahi Pakhala

A typical Odia will say it’s not summer yet without having pakhala for lunch. The classic Odia rice dish is made with fermented rice, curd along with a simple tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and ginger. Pair this delectable dish with some bhajas, aloo bharta, fried fish and badi chura on the side and voila! You have a wholesome pakhala platter.  

There is no better side to a heavy and filling Indian meal than a bowl of raita. Make a cooling raita with some chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, green chillies, salt and chaat masala and add it to your lunch platter. It will not only add flavours to your platter but will also leave you filled.