5 Cucumber Delicacies For A Refreshing Meal This Summer

With the mercury all set to rise in a few days, we can’t find any other way to bear the heat and sweat than indulging in all things refreshing and hydrating. Thankfully, India’s summer produce is full of fruits and veggies that have the same qualities. From lychees to watermelons and pineapples, these fruits are all things delectable, versatile and revitalising. And then there is the cucumber. About 96% of this vegetable is water and that makes it perfect to be added to your summer diet. However, we have mostly stereotyped the veggie as a simple salad ingredient. But do you know there are a plethora of delicious dishes that can be made with cucumbers? Well, as summers are almost here, these are five cucumber delicacies that you can try.

1. Chilled Cucumber Soup

A traditional Polish or Lithuanian dish, chilled cucumber soup is one of the most flavourful and refreshing delicacies to incorporate into your summer diet. This chilled soup is creamy, delicious and revitalising and is perfect to be consumed on summer evenings.

2. Cucumber Kootu

A traditional curry that is usually served as a side dish in Onam Sadya, kootu is a vegetarian dish topped with roasted coconut. Make this flavourful curry with cucumbers and relish it for lunch this summer.

3. Cucumber Raita

Complete your summer meal with delicious and hydrating cucumber raita. When cucumber is paired with an excellent probiotic like curd, the dish becomes nutritious and delicious to relish.

4. Cucumber Pineapple Smoothie

How about incorporating two of summer’s best products in one single dish? So, try this cucumber and pineapple smoothie that is filled with the goodness of the season’s best. Starting your days with this smoothie is one of the best things you can do.  

5. Cucumber-Lime Granita

The semi-frozen dessert that is quite refreshing and delicious, granita hails from Sicily and is perfect to drive away your tiredness and fatigue during summers. And making it with cucumbers and lime can amp up its water content and refreshment factor. Try this cucumber and lime granita on a summer afternoon will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed for sure.