5 Benefits Of Taking Collagen Supplement

Collagen simply means a protein in the body that is the main component of connective tissues, those small but very vital parts like tendons and ligaments. It performs an array of functions including giving structure to the skin and strengthening bones. Collagen is also present in the joints and intervertebral discs, or shock absorbers of the spinal cord, and is a critical component present in kidneys and eye lenses.

There are 28 different types of collagens and this element can be found in the connective tissues of chicken and fish, making them rich sources of the protein. Nowadays, collagen supplements are also available in the market to enhance its absorption and function in the body and promote repair and the growth of healthy muscle mass. Many of these supplements are hydrolysed so they can be easily processed by the body. Read on below to find out more about the health benefits of taking a prescribed dose of collagen supplements:

Boosts Skin Health

Collagen can help to slow down the ageing process because the peptides in the protein work towards strengthening the structure of the skin, reducing dryness and the formation of wrinkles. Studies indicate that as collagen production drops with age, supplements can help to stimulate the body to enhance the creation of this protein thereby promoting skin elasticity.

Strengthens Bones

Degeneration of bones is a common occurrence with increasing age and wear and tear. Taking collagen supplements is known to have an impact on lowering the loss of bone mineral density. Since bones are primarily made of collagen which gives them strength and structure, collagen supplements may help to reduce the risk of bone breakdown and fortify weaker bone structures.

Improves Nail And Hair Health

Collagen can have a positive effect on nail and hair health. The protein can help to reduce brittleness of nails and lower hair fall, strengthening their growth. Since collagen supplements can be easily absorbed by the body, they can work towards overall repair of wear and tear. Some studies have pointed to their role in making hair shinier and longer.

Boosts Muscle Mass

Recent studies have been working on exploring the use of collagen in building healthy muscle mass. Since collagen is a complete protein and an important component of skeletal muscles, taking collagen powder with water after a workout is said to stimulate healthy muscle growth. 

Relieves Joint Pain

Collagen can help to strengthen the cartilage or the rubber-like tissue in the body which protects joints. With age, as joints become weaker and experience degeneration, collagen supplements can help to reduce overall joint pain, lower the risk of osteoarthritis and lessen stiffness of the joints.