Shahtoot: Health Benefits Of This Seasonal Berry

Some incidents like eating mangoes or plucking shahtoot from the trees brings back our fondest childhood memories. If you have ever had shahtoot, you know how delicious these small and juicy berries are. Also known as mulberries, these small fruits come in different colours like white, red and black. Possibly originating from China, mulberries have a unique flavour and high nutrient content. 

Mulberries or shahtoot are power packed with numerous health benefits. Right from improving digestion to lowering cholesterol, from helping in losing weight to building bone tissues, there is a lot that mulberries can do. If you are thinking to enjoy this fruit this season, know about some of its health benefits in detail. 

Promotes Smooth Digestion 

Just like so many other fruits and vegetables, mulberries are power packed with dietary fiber. The fiber content bulks up the stool and improves the digestive process. It also prevents issues like bloating, constipation as well as cramping. It can also help in regulating cholesterol levels in the body as well as promoting good heart health. 

Boosts Immunity 

Mulberries have a high content of vitamin C as well as other minerals and nutrients. Vitamin C content works as defense mechanism against illness and keeps infections and diseases at bay. It can help in boosting the immunity. On can have smoothies in smoothies, salads or even raw to fulfil the vitamin C requirement for the day. 

Builds Healthy Bones 

Along with iron, vitamin K and calcium, mulberries also have small amount of phosphorus and magnesium which makes it perfect for healthy bones. Consumption of mulberries helps in maintaining stronger bones and reverses the bone degradation while preventing many serious bone-related conditions. 

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

If some known studies are to be believed, mulberry leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties that can potentially prevent so many chronic diseases. The most common way to have mulberry leaves is having mulberry leaf tea. It can also be helpful in reducing inflammatory pain.  

Can Improve Vision 

Mulberries contain of the carotenoids called zeaxanthin that could be connected directly to preventing oxidative stress. It can act as an antioxidant too and prevent retina from getting damaged. Mulberries can eradicate free radicals that lead to cataracts and promote better eye health.  

Increases Blood Circulation 

Mulberries contain a good amount of iron and thus, can boost the production of red blood cells to a great extent. It could help in getting over the blood deficiency in the body while boosting metabolism and ensuring proper functioning of other systems of the body. 

After learning about such amazing health benefits, don’t forget to include shahtoot or mulberries in your diet. You can have it in the form of juices, salads, smoothies or even jams. See ya!