Healthy Bones To Weight Loss: 6 Reasons To Have Litchi

We have heard many people saying that summer is the best season to enjoy different fruits as well as vegetables. Comes summer and we start gorging on some of the beloved fruits like mangoes, jamuns, watermelons, muskmelons etc. But one such fruit which is as good as others but is quite underrated, is litchi. With a fleshy white interior and hard pink or red coloured skin, litchi has a citrusy and sweet flavour. Apart from its taste, this little fruit is power packed with health benefits. 

Litchi is a member of the soapberry family and grows throughout Southeast Asia. While the fresh litchi pulp is musky and aromatic, the dried pulp is acidic and bit on a sweeter side. If some studies are to be believed, litchi is high in vitamins especially vitamin C as well as antioxidants. It also has cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. Litchi also has minerals like copper and potassium and is low in calories. Thus, it can do wonders for the body when consumed the right way.  

Want a quick recipe of litchi juice for summers? Here you go!

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Wanna know about its benefits in detail? Here you go! 

Promotes Healthy Skin 

Litchi is one such fruit which is power packed with the goodness of vitamin C. This vitamin can help in reducing hyperpigmentation on the skin and provide the right nutrients. Besides, it can help curb the production of excess oil which also leads to acne. 

Aids In Weight Loss 

Litchi has high water content and very little calorie content. It is also low in fat and thus, can help in weight loss. Litchi contains a good amount of fiber which can keep the stomach full for a longer period while keeping unwanted hunger pangs at bay. 

Boosts Immunity 

This may shock you, but litchi could be an excellent immunity booster. It is power packed with vitamin C and can strengthen immunity. It can also develop a shield against harmful free radicals. With stronger immunity, a body can battle diseases.  

Promotes Healthy Bones 

Apart from being a weight-loss friendly fruit, litchi also promotes healthy bone health. It contains minerals like phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains manganese and copper which can help in getting rid of brittle bones and other issues.  

Promotes Better Digestion 

Litchis have such nutrients that can promote better digestion in the body. As per some studies, litchis consist of soluble fiber which can keep a check on bowel related issues. It also helps in improving the appetite and managing heartburn. Moreover, litchi seeds can help in removing worms from the intestines and help with intestinal tract issues. 

Manages Blood Pressure 

Fluctuation in blood pressure is a common problem these days. But litchi is one such fruit that can help. Because of being a good source of potassium, litchi can keep a check on blood pressure while promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

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