Kitchen Tips: How To Keep Litchis Fresh For A Long Time
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Do you know which two fruits dominate the summer season? The first is mango, of course, and the second is litchi. Compared to these two fruits, the others seem pale during the year's warm months. Many people buy litchi in bulk for three to four days, but the spoilage starts the next day. This happens because most people are not aware of storing litchi properly. If kept well, you can enjoy eating litchis at home for at least a few more days. 

Here are a few tips, by adopting, you can keep litchi fresh for a few days

  • Don’t break the stem: Have you ever noticed why a shopkeeper sells litchi along with the stem and leaves? If not, let us tell you that they do not remove those because litchis start spoiling very fast after breaking the dandal. In such a situation, you can also follow these tips. For this, whenever you buy litchi from the market and bring it home, keep it in water or any cool place without breaking the stem. This way, you can prevent the litchis from spoiling quickly.
  • Do not use plastic bags: Shopkeepers usually put litchis in a plastic bag and give it to you while buying. But do you continue storing the litchis in the bag even after bringing them home? Litchi in a plastic bag gets heated quickly, leading to spoilage. In such a situation, take it out of the plastic bag, and keep it on the coolant exceptional. It is ground and covered with some paper. Doing this will help litchi remain fresh for about two to three days.
  • The ideal time to buy litchis: It is generally said that litchis should not be consumed until the season's first or second rain showers. This is because rainwater reduces the amount of acid present in litchis to a great extent. Natural water makes the fruit tasty as well as healthy. Even today, many villagers and countryside folks wait for the rain to add more sweetness to litchis.    
  • Use water: You can use cold water to keep litchis fresh for two to three days. After you buy litchis from the market and bring them home, fill water in a vessel and leave the litchis inside it. This removes the macro elements present in the fruit and makes it suitable for health. Probably, you must have heard or seen about these tips at some point or the other.

Takeaway tip: Do not keep litchis in the fridge immediately after bringing them from the market. This may cause quick spoilage. Instead, first, clean it with water and then keep it in the refrigerator.