5 Authentic South Indian Dishes To Include In Your Pongal Platter

As soon as the world gets done with the holiday season, South Indians start prepping for one of the most awaited festivals in the Tamil Hindu calendar. Pongal will be celebrated on 14th January to mark the sun’s transition toward Uttarayan. Apart from worshipping Lord Surya, South Indians celebrate it with a culinary ritual of cooking rice and milk in an earthen pot till it overflows. This Pongal is then distributed amongst family and friends who fondly relish it with all their hearts. However, this is not it. This ritual is then followed by a hearty feast comprising numerous South Indian delicacies. Here are some authentic South Indian dishes that you can add to your Pongal platter this year. 

1. Ven Pongal 

If you are craving for something warm, comforting and delicious, then Ven Pongal is the one for you. Made with moong dal, rice, ghee, nuts and some mild South Indian spices, Ven Pongal is best enjoyed with both sambar and chutney.   

2. Sakkarai Pongal 

Sakkarai Pongal is the staple dessert in Pongal and is all things delicious, gooey and aromatic. Made with rice, jaggery and green gram, the dessert has everything you want in a festive treat. 

3. Murukku 

An integral part of the wholesome Pongal feast, murukku is a crispy treat that can woo even the simplest of minds. The snack is made with an urad dal batter that is then deep-fried to perfection. 

4. Bobbatlu 

The South Indian version of puran poli, Bobbatlu is a stuffed flatbread. The flatbread is stuffed with a sweet lentil mixture that is all things delicious. The flatbread is stuffed with a Bengal gram, coconut, sugar and ghee mixture will make your mouth explode with decadence. 

5. Paal Payasam 

Needless to say, no Indian festival is complete without desserts and Pongal is no different. Paal Payasam is the South Indian cousin of the Indian kheer and is made with easily available ingredients in most Indian households. The simple yet irresistibly indulgent dessert is a must-include in your Pongal platter to end the festival on a sweet note.