5 Amazing Keema Recipes To Try

Minced mutton or keema, is a delicacy in itself that is loved by most non-vegetarians. Many of the most amazing non-vegetarian dishes are made with it- Mutton Koftas, Seekh Kebabs. Aren’t you slurping already?  Some of keema recipes are considered regal and royal and thus a mere mention of them tickles the taste buds of many foodies. The power of keema is such that even the non-vegetarians who aren’t too fond of mutton, relish mutton keema. Call it the magic of its smooth, melt in the mouth texture or its ability to blend in with an array of spices, Keema is truly a wonderful dish to have and we have found 5 unique recipes that are sure to make you try it right away, if you haven’t already. 

1. Keema Matar 

Call it usual keema matar or Bengali Ghughni, this delicacy with the goodness of mustard oil, green chilllies, peas, cardamom and cloves is an irresistible treat. 

2. Keema Naan 

A lamb stuffed naan, yes you read that right. And not just that, red chilli, cumin, onion, garlic and a bunch of stuffed veggies makes it a yummy treat. Pair with chutney, raita or any curry of your choice. 

3. Keema Stuffed Idli 

Idli with chicken keema, carrots and loads of spices and herbs. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? The best part is it is super easy and quick, making for a delectable everyday snack.  

4. Chapli Kebab 

The quintessential keema preparation- kebab is here to make you drool. This chapli kebab recipe will have you slurping over one of the most delectable snacks in no time. A Pashtuni style of kebab recipe that is native to Peshawar, chapli kebab has fans across many countries today.  

5. Keema Pav 

A super popular recipe across Irani cafes in Mumbai, keema pav has spicy mutton mince tossed in a pool of spices served with soft buttery pao. This is definitely one of the best Iranian-style morning meals you can have paired with piping hot chai.