4 Vegetarian Lunchbox Dishes That Are Extremely Nutritious
Image Credit: funfoodfrolic.com

"Food is the only medicine" according to Ayurveda, and it is said that with the sustained ingestion of proper food we can remedy most of our bodily ailments. But it is not half as easy to figure out what to eat every day. It is even more difficult to keep up with healthy eating habits that you've committed to yourself. It is damn near exhausting to keep up with it all and not feel left behind or lagging in your personal fitness journey. But with straightforward, nutritious and tasty dishes that anyone can easily make, things might be a bit easier. Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice taste for gains. Nowadays we challenge that notion as we bring up countless dishes that are extremely flavourful and not harmful for the gut. Alternatives are out there for everything, and one only has to look for those ingredients or products that'll better suit their lifestyle. So here are 4 lunchbox dishes that are fit for our hustling workweeks, catered specifically to the vegetarian lifestyle. 

Carrot Rice and Curd


Image Credit: thechutneylife.com


Spinach is balanced and blended with coriander, chillies and lemon juice to form a paste upon which the rice dish will be made. Toss in some fried and roasted peanuts for crunching along with the cooked rice for a green rice dish that is yummy, filling and healthy. Pair it with stir-fried bhindi and your vegetarian lunchbox is set!