Popular Vegetarian Turkish Dishes To Try
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Turkish food is by default nutritious and extremely seasonal, with many recipes based on the abundance of fresh ingredients available. Food that is both highly nutritive and fresh-tasting is produced nationwide, including fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, dairy, and meat. In reality, vegetarianism predominates in Turkish cuisine. There are numerous dishes that highlight the delectable, seasonal produce that is so readily available in Turkey. While some meals use ingredients that may be found all around Turkey, others showcase local ingredients. Turkish cuisine is frequently prepared in huge quantities because it is meant to be shared with friends and family. Turkish cuisine uses tastes and spices that are not only flavorful but also have antioxidant characteristics that help to decrease cholesterol, remove pollutants, and strengthen the immune system. Fresh herbs like dill, parsley, and rosemary are frequently used to flavour food, while wild herbs are sought after in the Mediterranean and other sparsely populated areas due to their alleged medicinal and health benefits. Spices like ginger, sumac, and red pepper flakes are used to flavour food or as home remedies. 

Yaprak Sarma - Vine Leaf Rolls 

Turkish cuisine known as Yaprak Sarma is traditionally made by rolling rice or minced meat in grape leaves. They are among the few unusual meals that both vegetarians and non-vegetarian may enjoy, and they are frequently referred to as sarma. Yaprak sarma is essentially rice, currants, and sauteed onions wrapped tightly in vine leaves. Yaprak sarmas are filling appetisers that are offered all year long. The acidic lemon juice brings out the subtle sweetness of the currants, making them taste their best when poured over. 

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A popular summer dish is mucver, which are vegetable fritters made in the Turkish style. Most veggies can be used to make mucver, but zucchini is the most popular. Grated zucchini is combined with fresh parsley and dill before being put to batter and fried. It can be eaten warm or cold. Yogurt or white cheese go well with mucver. 

Kalem Böreği - Turkish Fried Feta Rolls

Turkish fried feta rolls are an excellent way to feed a gathering or as a quick meal. Turkish cigar-shaped pastries called spinach feta rolls are created with feta cheese and filo dough. Although it tastes great with coffee, this fried pastry is also delicious as an appetiser or side dish. Fresh herbs and white cheese are combined inside the crunchy exterior. Every time, the delightful crunch and salty cheese flavour makes you want just one more.