Orissa is not only famous for its rich history and culture but also the rich taste of its wide variety of traditional dishes that are absolutely wholesome and palatable. What’s one thing exceptional about the cuisine is that it makes use of very limited spices and oil but at the very same time maintains the desired flavours and aromatic deliciousness we look for in our dishes. Pancha Phutana is an exquisite blend of five spices comprising musard, cumin, fenugreek, aniseed and kalonji that are majorly used in the cuisine. Getting yourself to experience the deletable taste of some of the Odia breakfast dishes would be a great start to your day so look over at some dishes to have next.  

1, Atta chakuli

Atta chakuli is a traditional breakfast dish of Orissa that is basically a dish of wheat pancakes, made with all nutritional ingredients and takes very few minutes to prepare. It is simple, quick and ultimately wholesome when come packed with the goodness of jaggery, coconut, mlk and sugar. Add a delicious fare to your life morning meal with this Odia special Atta chakuli.

2. Suji Upma

Upma is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast dishes. This one is made with semolina, infused with spices, ginger, lentil and fresh veggies and sauteed in either ghee or oil. Upma comes in a large number of varieties but suji upma is the most common and traditional one that is cooked at every household.

3. Chakuli Pitha

Odia people surely have a love affair with chakuli pitha as it’s one of their favourite dishes. Chakuli pitha is an Odia pancake that is prepared in fragrant mustard oil with fermented urad dal and rice batter. This traditional Odia breakfast dish is sure to excite your taste buds with its mind-blowing deliciousness.

4. Chuda Kadali

Chuda Kadali is a humble Odia breakfast that is quite tasty, fulfilling and tempting enough to give it a try. It is made with flattened rice that is mixed with milk, curd, mashed bananas, jaggery and sometimes cheese. A comforting bowl of Chuda kadali is all you need.