Purple yam can be used in more ways than one, otherwise known as purple-fleshed sweet potato, and ube in popular food culture. But do not get confused between red sweet potato and purple sweet potato, as the former has a purplish ink color, but inside, you’ll only find white flesh. On the other hand, purple sweet potato may look white-ish, besides purple, in color but look inside - purple flesh! It can be used to add sweetness to a dish, and can also be mixed in savory dishes. The purple pigment is a sign of the presence of high levels of an antioxidant called anthocyanin. It can improve brain health.  

Here are 10 ways to use ube —  

1. Jam

In the Philippines, ube jam is known as Halaya, and it is used famously in desserts for its nutty, vanilla flavor. It is rich and creamy.  

2. Chaat  

You don’t have to travel miles to find ube chaat. It can be made at home, and it’s worth a try.  

3. Stir-Fry 


There is no dish that has as much flavour as stir-fried noodles. Make use of ube powder to give the noodles a purple colour. This is a tried and tested hit. 

4. Wadiyan 

We know we love fried shakarkandi, but we’ve seen all the bright orange-ish colours before. What about ube wadiyan, though? 

5. Ice cream 

In the Philippines, halo-halo is basically a traditional ube ice-cream mixed with tapioca pearls and fruits. Sounds mouth-watering.  

6. Crepes/Dosa 

You can perfect that dosa or crepe with some ube. Who knows, this may become ‘your’ thing? Not many people know about ube crepes. 

7. Ube Bread

You can always make your own batch of bread. Those purple swirls are absolutely mesmerizing! Winner!  


8. Baked Ube

A classic! Can you ever go wrong with baked sweet potato?

9. Ube Thanksgiving Pie

This could be a Thanksgiving tradition. This pie may just be tastier than regular sweet potato pie. Find out for yourself.  

10. Ube Buns  

Delicious buns filled with ube jam or jam doughnuts? You decide. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading about ube. Now try making one of these dishes.