10 Best Craft Breweries In Bengaluru Recommended By City Foodies

Plato once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” and who are we to argue with one of history’s greatest philosophers? Beer has been a staple of the human experience for centuries. And although the way it’s brewed may have advanced since it was doled out in Ancient Egypt, our collective love for it has not, and today though big brand beers are still going strong, the sights of die-hard brewski fanatics are trained on the craft beer market.

In recent years, craft beer has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity across the globe. India, with its youthful and adventurous population, has eagerly embraced this beery revolution. While it took some time for the craft beer movement to gain momentum, it has now firmly planted its hoppy roots in the Indian soil, and Bengaluru is at the forefront of this revolution.

Often dubbed the "Silicon Valley of India," Bengaluru is known for its vibrant tech culture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. But behind the bustling IT offices and leafy streets lies a brewing passion that has captured the city's heart – and taste buds! Craft breweries have been sprouting up like mushrooms, transforming the beer landscape and bringing a refreshing change to the pub-hopping scene.

What sets craft beer apart from its mass-produced counterparts is the artistry and attention to detail that goes into each pint. Craft brewers are like alchemists, infusing their creations with a medley of flavours and aromas that elevate the humble beer into a work of liquid art. From crisp IPAs bursting with hoppy goodness to rich stouts that make your taste buds do a happy dance, craft breweries offer a kaleidoscope of flavours to delight even the most discerning beer aficionados.

But the rise of craft beer in Bengaluru isn't simply about finesse; it's about putting Indian beers on the world map. Craft brewers in Bengaluru are fearlessly experimenting with traditional Indian ingredients and flavours, infusing them into their brews with a dash of innovation. From mango-infused ales to spicy masala stouts that pack a punch, these brewers are crafting beers that proudly embody the Indian spirit and push the boundaries of craft beer beyond what we could have imagined.

Slurrp caught up with Bengaluru's foodies who gave us the inside scoop on the best Craft Beer places in the city. Read on to find your next favourite spot.

Arbor, Brigade Road; Recommended by Elizabeth Yorke (@elizabeth.yorke)

Known for pushing boundaries with beer and for being the first American Brewery in Bangalore, Arbor is a haunt of all the city’s OG craft beer fans. For 25 years the company has been dedicated to creating new spaces in craft beer. Elizabeth Yorke, head of Edible Issues and Saving Grains – an organisation created to help upcycle spent brewery grain – knows the craft beer scene all too well. When it comes to picking a spot her motto is, "Geist all the way!". It's become her home turf and they're an everyday go-to for excellent beer (especially the Kamacitra!). But when she's not at Geist she can be found at Arbor, where her preference is The Lazy Drongo. “(It’s) a cascara saison launched by Arbor Brewing Co. in collaboration with coffee company Kerehaklu,” she says, “it’s a fun citrusy-earthy beer. One of the star ingredients is cascara - which is the fruit husk that surrounds the coffee bean.” 

Phone Number: 8050144477

USP Dishes: The Lazy Drongo

Available Cuisines: American and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12 PM to 11:30 PM

Price for Two: Rs 1,800 (Mid-range)

Address: 8, 3rd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, Diagonally, Opposite Garuda Mall, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Biergarten, Whitefield; Recommended by Haya Kshipra S (@haya.kshipra)

Another familiar face on the scene is Biergarten. This expansive space is home to a selection of exotic beers made from German ingredients and all with a promise of quality. “Biergarten has a luxurious and spacious ambience with upbeat music, fancy delicacies and amazing craft beer choices,” says Haya, “they have a koi pond in the centre which adds up to the beauty of this place. It has the best craft beers and you can have chill time with your loved ones with beautiful ambience, lively music, good food and the best craft beers.”

Phone Number: 8047096233

USP Dishes: Weizenbock, Red Ale

Available Cuisines: Continental and Asian

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am

Price for Two: Rs 2,500 (Mid-range)

Address: 2, Doddanekkundi, Mahadevpura, Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore

Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Hennur, Recommended by Mohit P (@minttoyourmojito)

Most ‘Luru natives haunt the tables at Byg Brewski, and with 65,000 square feet of space, it definitely has room to accommodate them all, it’s a haven for all things beer. For Mohit P, it’s a must-visit. “Mostly known for their opulent ambience and being the pioneers for incorporating the koi-pond thingy into the brewery landscape in Namma Ooru, Byg has set the bar for their Tripel (variety of beer), and I love the place for these.” he says, “Although not perennial, I am always on the lookout for whenever these are available. High ABV percentage with fruity notes and these get you happy high in no time. Having a club within the Hennur brewery – Gylt, does help their case and you can spend your night dancing to techno and EDM, if that’s your thing.”

Phone Number: 804716 6256

USP Dishes: Byg Tripel

Available Cuisines: Asian and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 12.00

Price for Two: Rs 2,600 (Mid-range)

Address: 22/123, Byrathi Village, Bidarahalli Hobli, Hennur, Bangalore

Geist Brewing Co., Hennur; Recommended by Sreya Vittaldev (@darthdevi)

Geist is another brewery on the forefront of innovation and quality brewing, and for over a decade, they’ve been one of the city’s leading breweries. “Geist is home for me, the beers are crisp and fresh. I love that there is so much attention to detail in the crafting process.” says Sreya, “My favourites here are the Geist Kamacitra, an American-Style India Pale Ale. Love the citrus notes and pleasant bitterness. The Geist Rauch-a-Fella tastes like liquid bacon. It’s a smoked wheat beer with a toasty malt character. Delicious stuff!  And of course the Geist Stouter Space, who doesn’t love a good stout? The mark of a good brewery for me is based on how good their stout is and Geist knocks it out of the park with their Stouter Space. Perfect hints of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. So beautifully made. All of this combined with their amazing food, it’s an experience by itself. Geist does both beers and food, they take their menu very seriously.”

Phone Number: 88677 07102

USP Dishes: Geist Kamacitra, Geist Rauch-a-Fella, Geist Stouter Space

Available Cuisines: Continental and Indian

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 11:15 pm

Price for Two: Rs 1,800 (Mid-range)

Address: 04 & 05, UG - Upper Ground Floor, Bhartiya Mall of Bengaluru, Thanisandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Ironhill, Marathahalli; Recommended by Vidyalakshmi (@vidyascooking)

With over 1,30,000 sq. ft Ironhill currently holds the title of biggest microbrewery in India, and has an ambience and offerings that match that prestigious title. They’re dedicated to bringing flavours from all over the world onto one menu and are dedicated to the highest quality in both beer and food. “Witbier is a must-try here paired with Chipotle chicken tacos.” adds Vidyalakshmi.

Phone Number: 8047483466

USP Dishes: Witbier and Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Available Cuisines: Indian and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings:12.00 pm - 1.00 am

Price for Two: Rs 2,000 (Mid-range)

Address: 90/7 & 90/8, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Long Boat Brewery, Marathahalli; Recommended by Himaja (@thecurious_appetite)

A newcomer in the city, this Viking themed hideout has been drawing attention. They are also committed to making craft beer that’s high quality, but affordable to induct more people into the craft beer fan club. “Long Boat is an emerging brewery in Bangalore that has gained popularity for its exceptional ambiance,” says Himaja, “The highlight being the mesmerising waterfall. Long Boat also impresses with its delectable food and enticing cocktails. It is an ideal choice for a romantic date night. Additionally, their seasonal beers, including the Mango Milkshake IPA and Chocobar Stout, have left a lasting impression on me.”

Phone Number: 8047360054

USP Dishes:  Mango Milkshake IPA, Chocobar Stout

Available Cuisines: Asian

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 1.00 am

Price for Two: Rs 2,000 (Mid-range) 

Address: 110, 1st Main, MSR Layout, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Murphy’s Brewhouse, Domlur; Recommended by Sreya Vittaldev (@darthdevi)

It doesn’t get more authentic than an Irish Pub and Murphy’s holds the title of being the first Irish-style brewhouse in Bangalore. Located in The Paul Hotel, it’s known for its thick and creamy stout and laid-back vibes. “It’s an Irish-style microbrewery, tucked away in a quiet corner in Domlur.” says Sreya, “Their Paddy’s Poison is wonderful! Lovely English ale that is full-bodied and has classic malty-honey flavour notes.”

Phone Number: 8040477777

USP Dishes: Paddy’s Poison

Available Cuisines: Indian and Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Timings: 11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Price for Two:  Rs 2,000 (Mid-range)

Address: 139/28, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Near Embassy Golf Links, Domlur, Bangalore

The Bier Library, Koramangla; Recommended by Mohit P. (@minttoyourmojito)

A hidden gem of Koramangala, this spacious brewhouse is sure to have something for everyone. “When you are talking about one of the best breweries in the city, no list can omit- The Bier Library,” assures Mohit, “The place has everything – mind-blowingly good beers, good fusion food from around the world and a kick-ass ambience. Pair all this with the live music gigs over the weekend and you get a banger experience in the heart of the city. If you want to introduce someone to beer and they say that they do not like the taste of beer, make them try the Wittle Wit (Belgian Wit) here and they will end the night as beer lovers. For people who already like beers, DIPA (or Double IPA) is a must-try here.”

Phone Number: 91081 80000

USP Dishes: Wittle Wit, DIPA

Available Cuisines: Continental

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 1.00 am

Price for Two: Rs 2,500 (Mid-range)

Address: 14, Patel Narayana Reddy Layout, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore

Toit, Indiranagar; Recommended by Himaja (@thecurious_appetite)

“When you talk about beers and breweries, the first place that comes to my mind is Toit,” says Himaja, “Toit is my all-time favourite place, and it's the oldest brewery in Bangalore, having been established in 2010. It holds a special place in my heart because it was where I had my very first beer. I absolutely love everything about Toit, from its incredible beers and the inviting ambience to the lively vibe and delicious food. Even after all these years, Toit remains the best brewery in my opinion. It is undoubtedly one of the must-visit places in Bangalore. Among their extensive beer selection, my personal favourites are the Basmati Blonde and Tin Tin Toit.”

Phone Number: 9019713388

USP Dishes: Basmati Blonde, Tin Tin Toit

Available Cuisines: Continental and Mediterranean

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 11:30 pm

Price for Two: Rs 2,500 (Mid-range) 

Address: 298, Namma Metro Pillar 62, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield; Recommended by Gourav Mahendra (@gouravfoodie)

If you’re looking to go a bit swankier, then Windmills is the first name that should be on your list. This chic spot describes itself as the, ‘harmonious union of music, carefully curated food & fine craft beer, set amidst a treasure trove of hand-picked books.’ They source the very best hops and grains to brew their meticulously crafted beers and offer up a relaxed backdrop to enjoy some live music and some fine beers or as Gourav puts it, “I say this place for Beers Beers and Beers!”

Phone Number: 88802 33322

USP Dishes: Hefeweizen, IPA 

Available Cuisines: American and Indian

Type: Veg and Non-veg

Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner

Timings: 12.00 pm - 11:30 am

Price for Two: Rs 3,500 (Mid-Range) 

Address: 78, Immaine Epip Industrial Area, Whitefield, Bangalore

(Please note: Recommendations appear in alphabetical order)