From Chocolate To Butter Chicken: 7 Samosa Variations To Try
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It is quite obvious why samosa is loved all over the world. The way seasoned potato filling comes out of the fried crispy pastry creates the most indulgent treat that combines a variety of spices and seasonings, unfolding flavours in every bite.

But the love for samosa has expanded beyond this original recipe. Today, there are several variations of samosa made with the most intriguing filings that spellbind the senses.

Some inventions look bizarre at first but taste like a bite of heaven. Also, there are those creations that will make you exclaim “Why have I never tasted it before!” This article mentions seven such unique samosa variations that are a must-try for you if you love samosa dearly.

Try These 7 Unique But Delicious Variations Of Samosa

1) Sandwich Samosa

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Sandwich samosa is made with all the fillings that you'd make a sandwich with, just replacing bread with samosa pastry. Vegetables like kale, carrot, cucumber, peas, and cabbage along with shredded paneer, cheese, and mayonnaise are mixed together, creating a blend of flavours and textures.

2) Chocolate Samosa

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Chocolate samosa will be your most sought-after dessert treat after you try it. The rich chocolate filling that oozes out with every bite makes it a mesmerising treat for taste buds. The crispness of pastry makes it even more indulgent.

3) Keema Samosa

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Keema samosa is made with minced meat filling sauteed with spices and herbs. The well-seasoned meat creates a satisfying snack to savour anytime. The addition of yoghurt adds a luxurious texture to the dish, melding all the flavours together.

4) Khoya Samosa

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Khoya samosa is another sweet version of samosa that is made with khoya filling mixed with dry fruits. Khoya means condensed milk which is thickened by cooking until reduced. The addition of dry fruits adds a royal bite to the recipe.

5) Butter Chicken Samosa

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This variation is a dream come true for the lovers of samosa and butter chicken. Butter chicken samosa is made by filling in butter chicken pieces and gravy in samosa pastry and frying it until the crust turns beautifully golden. With every bite, you can relish the creaminess of butter chicken combined with flaky pastry.

6) Egg Samosa

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Egg samosa gives the comforting texture and taste of scrambled eggs to the recipe. You can create the filling with soft or hard scrambled eggs mixed with Indian spice blends and chopped scallions. Serve this as a starter or savour it as an anytime snack, you’ll love it anyway you try.

7) Pasta Samosa

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Pasta samosa unites the Italian and Indian treats in the most delicious way one can imagine. The lusciousness of saucy pasta with the crispiness of flaky pastry makes this a soothing treat. You can create a filling with your favourite pasta recipe, either spicy or creamy, and enjoy it however you like.

These samosa variations will make you fall in love with it over and over again. If you are head over heels for samosa, try these other variations and you will experience a whole new dimension of this treat that you'll cherish for a lifetime.