Craving Samosa! 10 Samosas With A Twist To Savour This Winter
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People of all ages love samosas and it is one of the most well-liked street foods or appetisers in India. Now that winter is here, nothing can be better than curling up in a cosy sweatshirt with a hot samosa, mint chutney, and garam ginger chai.

Typically, a delectable combination of mashed potatoes, paneer, and peas spiced with garam masala, chilli, mint, and other spices, is filled inside these deep-fried Indian pastries. Many people also love to pair their crispy samosa with jalebi as an evening snack to satiate their taste buds with both spicy and sweet foods. 

As the boundaries between various cuisines are becoming more blurry, more unique ways are coming up to enjoy this tasty snack. Some fillings, with ingredients like onions and peppers, are incredibly savoury. However, one hasn't truly lived until they tasted a delicious sweet samosa!

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Here Are Some Unique Variations Of Samosas

1. Soya Keema Samosa

The culinary experiments of street vendors consistently leave an impression on people. The divine-tasting keema samosa is one such instance. The soya chaap's soft, tender, and juicy filling is combined with a number of flavorful spices, including cumin and cinnamon, and a generous amount of freshly made malai (cream), which is deep-fried to absolute perfection. This samosa variation is very tempting.

2. Spinach Cheese And Corn Samosa

This samosa is a masterful fusion of smooth, creamy cheese, spinach, corn, and a surprising amount of pepper. Cheese is a staple in any chef's kitchen and pairs well with practically anything. Enjoy this gooey samosa with any dip.

3. Cauliflower Samosa

Potato and Cauliflower samosa is popular all over Bengal and is readily available in the sweet shops during winter. When cauliflower is mixed in the filling along with potatoes and spices it becomes more flavourful and the taste increases automatically. These samosas are irresistible—crisp, golden, and loaded with the best filling ever. 

4. Chocolate Samosa

This dessert is extremely rich. Warm and melted chocolate ganache filling encased in a crispy pastry shell. Delicious! Fried chocolate ganache transforms into rich, sweet chocolate lava and is shockingly simple to make. People will adore the pastry's cinnamon sugar, which gives it sweetness and texture. To create the ideal chocolate dessert, try experimenting with different kinds of chocolate for the filling. 

5. Keema Samosa

This classic Indian and Pakistani snack is a savoury filling for samosas. Stuffed with a smoky and spicy meat filling, these are simply too tasty to resist. Any meat can be picked up; however, mutton or lamb is the classic choice. 

6. Jalapeno Three Cheese Samosa

These gooey samosas taste so delicious. It's pretty much the appetiser of dreams—cheesy, stringy goodness. They are loaded with cream cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese, and for a little kick of spiciness, chopped jalapeños are added. Ice-cold beer and these samosas will definitely be a hit at parties.

7. Nuttela S’mores Samosa

Samosas, s'mores, and nutella, nothing more to say! Gooey marshmallow fluff and slightly crunchy chocolate hazelnut spread fill these golden pieces of bliss. Every ingredient melts together when the samosa is fried, creating an absolute joy. 

8. Butter Chicken Samosa

The stuffing as butter chicken is pure genius. It's flavorful, creamy, and accurately spiced. To put it briefly, it tastes wildly good! For the next gathering, these lip-smackin samosas will be devoured more quickly than any other dish.

9. Egg Samosa

An egg salad-like filling is used in the egg samosas. The intriguing Indian twist to this rich and creamy dish is the hard-boiled eggs combined with classic Indian flavours. Moreover, crispy phyllo is used to cover these rather than ordinary pastry. Numerous delicate layers are there on the outside, and the inside is aromatic and flavorful. That's the perfect snack to beat the mid-afternoon slump.

10. Sambousak

The look of these Sambousak differs slightly from that of regular samosas. However, that doesn't lessen how delectable they are. They're also referred to as Arabic samosas and resemble egg rolls rather than triangle samosas. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations are available, so there will be something for every palate.


Samosas are the ultimate love! During winter time it is one of the most common evening snacks. There are loads of varieties of samosas to experiment with and make the evening pleasant with a cup of tea.