5 Appams You Can Try For Your Next South Indian Spread 2022

  • Aanchal Mathur
  • January 14, 2022

South Indian cuisine is definitely one of the most expansive Indian regional cuisines. Picture all those rich stews, pickles and curries, and I’m drooling already. But one look at the breads of south India and it would be a tad unfair to just talk about the curries. Appam, for instance, is one of the first breads that come to mind each time we are looking to pair something with our awesome stew. A thin rice flour and coconut pancake, appam is so thin that it may tear if you stretch it for slightly too long. It is popularly paired with everything from a hearty chicken stew, to wholesome avial, ghee roasts and much more. They are white in colour and comes in many kinds. And if you too want to try it at home, we have the perfect recipes to make. 

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4.523 Rating

Indri/Inri Appam

4.011 Rating

Karthigai appam

4.719 Rating

Therali Appam

4.822 Rating

Kerala Style Appam

4.820 Rating

Chettinad Appam


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