Yule Log To Yellow Cake, 8 Yummy Desserts Starting With Y
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Desserts are a vast and diverse world unto themselves. From chocolatey to nutty or fruity, there are so many different types of desserts that sometimes it can become overwhelming to keep track of all of them. That’s why most professional bakers and master chefs prefer to categorise their desserts in some way, and the most convenient and easiest way to categorise desserts is in alphabetical order.

This article will focus on some of the most renowned desserts, starting with the letter 'Y'. This is quite a versatile list, and the desserts all originate from various parts of the world. They are also unique in texture and taste, making use of a host of sweets as well as local and imported ingredients. However, no matter where they are from or what they are made of, they are equally delicious and widely beloved.

Check out the eight most popular desserts, beginning with the letter 'Y.'

Yule Log

The yule log is a festive Christmas cake that is believed to have originated in France in the 19th century. Typically composed of sponge cake, this creamy and delectable sweet treat is fashioned into the shape of a miniature yule log, and is a kind of Swiss roll. The most common yule log variation is prepared using yellow sponge cake and chocolate buttercream. The cake is usually topped off with powdered sugar and a host of sweet treats, including berries and marzipan.

Yema Cake

A Filipino delicacy, the Yema Cake is a fixture during traditional festivals and celebrations of the Philippines. The cake is named after a delectable and creamy custard-like filling called “yema,” which is one of its primary ingredients. Other major ingredients include milk and egg yolks. Traditionally, this cake is prepared by sandwiching the rich yema filling in layers of sponge cake, producing an incredibly luscious dessert that boasts a profound depth of flavours and taste profiles.

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Yoghurt Bark

Yoghurt bark is a relatively modern invention that has taken the culinary world by storm in the last couple of years. This bite-sized sweet treat has multiple benefits; not only is it easy to whip up at home, but it is also a tasty and nourishing dessert option. To prepare yoghurt bark, lay out some yoghurt on a tray, sprinkle it with crunchy nuts, fresh fruits, and sweet honey, and freeze the concoction. Once the yoghurt has become solid, cut it into small pieces and savour them!

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Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt parfait is a health-conscious offshoot of the traditional French parfait. This layered sweet dish is frequently consumed for breakfast; it also makes for a nutritious and appetising dessert. This dish is prepared by layering granola and fresh fruits over yoghurt. The sweetness of the yoghurt plus the crunch of the granola and juiciness of the fruits imbues the dish with a delightful symphony of textures, making it a joy to eat. Pour some honey over the parfait to elevate its taste profile.

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Yorkshire Curd Tart

A quintessential British dessert, the Yorkshire curd tart is a staple in traditional afternoon tea spreads. To craft this dessert, the deliciously crumbly pastry is pumped with curd, sugar and spices, creating a succulent and balanced sweet dish. This dish is typically topped off with a range of fresh fruits, including strawberries and raspberries, to enhance the tart’s visual appeal and also to infuse it with some punchy and refreshing flavours.

Yellow Butter Cake

The exquisitely moist and creamy yellow butter cake is thought to be derived from the iconic English pound cake. The cake gets its striking yellow gold colour from its batter, which is prepared by blending oodles of butter with egg yolks. The cake is relished the world over for its simplicity, making it an instant comfort food. Modern innovations of the cake often pair it with chocolate or vanilla frosting, and top it off with powdered sugar to help elevate its appearance and flavour.

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Yam Ice Cream

Also known as “Ube,” yam ice cream is a Southeast Asian specialty believed to have originated in the Philippines. Although it makes for an unconventional dessert ingredient, the sweetness and starchiness found in the root vegetable yam enable it to pair surprisingly well with the smooth texture of ice cream, helping craft a highly inventive and deeply decadent ice cream. Characterised by its brilliant bright purple colour, yam ice cream also boasts several health benefits, including boosting brain health.

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Yakgwa is a deep-fried Korean delicacy that is made from “hangwa,” which is a traditional Korean wheat-based confection. Additionally, the sweet dish is infused with honey, rice wine, sesame oil, and ginger juice. The honey imbues the dish with a sweet flavour while the ginger lends it a hint of spice, leading to the creation of a texturally rich and balanced sweet dish. This dish is typically served during important Korean festivals, such as “Chuseok,” as well as during special occasions, including weddings.