8 Desserts Starting With The Letter 'S' For Your Sugar Cravings
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Desserts are a vast and diverse world unto themselves. From chocolaty to nutty to fruity, there are so many different types of desserts that sometimes it can become overwhelming to keep track of all of them. That’s why most professional bakers and master chefs prefer to categorise their desserts in some way, and the most convenient and easiest way to categorise desserts is in alphabetical order.

This article will focus on some of the most renowned desserts, starting with the letter S. This is quite a versatile list, and the desserts all originate from various parts of the world. They are also unique in texture and taste, making use of a host of sweets as well as local and imported ingredients. However, no matter where they are from or what they are made of, they are equally delicious and widely beloved.

Check out the eight most popular desserts, beginning with the letter 'S.'


The shrikhand is a smooth and succulent sweet dish that is believed to have originated in India. This dessert is defined by its striking yellow colour, which is derived from the inclusion of saffron in the dish. The saffron also imbues the sweet dish with sweet notes of milk, helping elevate its flavour profile. Shrikhand is a fixture in Gujarati cuisine and is also popularly served during festivals, particularly Janmashtami. Being abundant in calcium and other nutrients, it boasts several health benefits, including strengthening bones.

Sacher Torte

The moist and decadent Sacher torte was invented in 1832 by Austrian master chef Franz Sacher, after whom the cake is named. Essentially a chocolate cake, the recipe for this iconic dessert is believed to be a secret; however, this hasn’t stopped home bakers and chefs from trying to replicate this dessert by putting their own stamp on it. The Sacher torte is characterised by layers of creamy chocolate sponge, fruity apricot jam, and a chocolate glaze for garnishing, which lend the cake its luscious taste.

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Shahi Tukda

A dish originating in the Mughal era in the city of Hyderabad, the enchanting shahi tukda uses bread as its core ingredient. To prepare this royal sweet dish, slices of bread are fried in ghee and garnished with a sugar syrup; subsequently, the dish is topped off with rich rabri and sliced nuts. Although the shahi tukda resembles bread pudding in several ways, it packs a more vibrant and colourful appearance than the latter. It is traditionally served as a festive sweet, especially during Eid and Iftar.


While the origin of s’mores is unclear, it is believed to have first become popular in the USA sometime in the 1920s. This classic comfort dessert is extremely easy to craft; all you have to do is roast marshmallows and pieces of chocolate and enclose them in Graham crackers. Thus, s’mores are Graham cracker sandwiches. The chewiness of the marshmallow combines with the richness of the chocolate and the crispiness of the crackers to create a thrilling, melt-in-the-mouth eating experience.

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A French invention, the soufflé is a light and intricate dessert that comes in a host of flavours, including chocolate and vanilla. Savoury versions of this fluffy dessert, such as the exquisite cheese soufflé, exist as well; however, the soufflé is typically regarded as a sweet dish. Served in a special container known as “ramekin,” the soufflé is one of the hardest desserts to perfect; the baking time needs to be extremely precise to ensure that the dessert doesn’t get overbaked and lose its inherently rich taste.

Strawberry Shortcake

A US-based dessert, strawberry shortcake, is usually considered a summer special in its place of origin. This delightful and sinful cake is packed with layers of flaky shortcake, fresh, sliced strawberries, and cooled whipped cream. This cake tends to resemble the English trifle owing to its layered structure; similarly, like the trifle, it is also usually served in outdoor settings such as picnics. Additionally, this cake can be savoured as a proper post-dinner dessert in a formal setting as well.

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Originating in Italy in the 19th century, the semifreddo is a frozen dessert that combines egg yolks, sugar, and cream to form a mouthwatering sweet treat. Although this sweet dish is similar to ice cream, there are some primary differences. For instance, unlike ice cream, the semifreddo isn’t churned; it is typically placed in moulds in a metal loaf pan, sliced, and then served. In terms of taste and texture, the semifreddo is said to be a cross between a frozen mousse and an ice cream.

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A quintessentially British sweet treat, scones are crumbly creations that are typically made from sugar, butter, flour, and milk. They come in various flavours, such as blueberry, chocolate chip, and strawberry and cream. Usually served hot with a helping of jam or clotted cream, scones are frequently savoured by British locals alongside a cup of afternoon tea. It is recommended that scones be consumed when they are hot to ensure that they remain soft and airy, and therefore, pleasurable to eat.