6 Delectable Traditional British Desserts That People Can't Get Enough Of
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

British cuisine is known for its robust and filling dishes, and the country's most popular sweets are no exception. From light sponges and crunchy crumbles that capture the essence of an English summer to custard-topped tarts that will warm you on a freezing winter's evening, the British know how to bake from the heart. So, if you want to replicate The Great British Bake Off at home, here are the ten most popular and iconic British desserts to get you started.


Fruitcake has been around since the Middle Ages. Because the alcohol and fruit functioned as preservatives (remember, there was no refrigeration back then), they could be kept for a long period. Fruitcake has long been the traditional wedding cake.

Rice pudding


Do try them out the next time you visit the country or you can simply bring these delectable desserts to your kitchen.