YouTuber's India VS Pakistan Food Reaction Video Goes Viral

Food speaks the language of love. A good meal can make you happy at any moment of the day. Each country brings some delectable dishes that are loved worldwide. In India, every cuisine is welcomed with open arms. Be it Chinese, Italian, American, Thai, or Japanese, each of them has a separate fanbase in this country.  

However, when it comes to having a comforting meal, Indians go-to choices are desi dishes. You can find thousands of videos on social media where people try Indian food for the first time and fall in love with the bold and warm flavours. But have you ever tried Pakistani food? As both countries share the same roots, the food can be assumed to be similar.  

But if you really want to know the difference between Indian and Pakistani food, here is a viral video in which a YouTuber tastes a few dishes from both countries to give his opinion. As the Pakistani dishes were ordered from Indian restaurants, the conclusion cannot be 100% right. Watch the full video here:

It was uploaded on YouTube by an account named @Aayush Sapra Shorts and has gotten more than 86k views and 6.3k likes since being posted. Aayush divides the India vs. Pakistan food challenge into four rounds, where he tastes one dish from both countries in each round and compares which of them tastes better. For starters, the YouTuber brings Indian tandoori chicken to the table with Pakistani mutton chapli kebab. After tasting them, he declares tandoori chicken to be the winner. 

For the second round, Aayush compares chhole bhature (an Indian dish) with poori halwa of Pakistan and says that poori halwa is very close to his heart, so Pakistan wins here. For the main course, he picks up butter chicken with garlic naan from India and nihari with Peshawari naan from Pakistan. As expected, butter chicken wins this round. 

For the final dessert round, he compares India’s gulab jamun with Pakistani shahi tukda and India wins here as well. At the end, he declares Indian food to be the ultimate winner but agrees to the point that authentic Pakistani food can only be enjoyed after visiting the country. So, which of the above dishes is your favourite?