Kitchen Tools To Pack For Your Vacation Rental Kitchen
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Very rarely are beautiful vacation homes packed with the right kind of kitchen tools to whip up delicious meals. The idea of having to chop vegetables with a blunt knife can be quite the bummer when it comes to fulfilling the desire to cook a meal that feels personal. Despite the functional challenges that vacation cooking might pose, carrying a few basic kitchen tools might definitely come handy and make life simpler and relaxed, just as you would expect a holiday to feel.

Of course, no one really goes on a holiday thinking to themselves about all the time they want to spend in a rental home kitchen, but mixing and matching things and a bit of advanced planning really makes life easy. The one thing to keep in mind while creating a list of essentials is to not get too ambitious in the way you wish to prepare a meal, which is the crux of taking only what’s absolutely necessary. Here is a curated list you can use as your guide to pack and travel with a portable kitchen in your luggage.


A solid pair of steel or silicone tongs is multi-purpose – use it for grilling meats on an open fire, tossing salad or pasta or even deep-frying food. If that wasn’t enough, it also doubles up as a great serving tool at the dining table.

Key Knives

As a regular cook in the kitchen, you’d probably know that once your hands develop muscle memory to be wrapped around your favourite paring knife or chef’s knife, there’s no going back to using any other. However, be sure to wrap them up and cushion them into your checked-in luggage, so as to avoid any unwanted trouble with authorities!

Small Cutting Board

The anticipation of finding a stained, unclean cutting board that has been previously used by strangers seems like a nightmare nobody would want to undergo on a holiday. Besides, cutting boards take up very little space and are light in weight.

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Can Opener

The brief is simple – you’re going to be popping a few bottles on vacation, in the best possible way and taking a gamble with a tool for which there is no substitute is a challenge no one wants to be a part of. Carry an uncomplicated one that everyone you’re keeping company can use without the hassle of having to figure out the configurations.


As basic as it may seem at first, having a wooden and silicone spatula in your luggage will save you the hassle of flipping omelettes with a butter knife, cooking onions with an eating spoon or using your hands to scrape off contents from a blender into a pan.