5 Cutting and Chopping Kitchen Tools As Gifts
Image Credit: Chopping and cutting tools, Image Source: Amazon

Someone passionate about cooking is always particular concerning a few things. They wouldn't settle for anything less. When they are in a shop selling spices, fresh vegetables, utensils, knives and kitchen tools, you will notice how their eyes twinkle, and they remind you of a kid in a candy store. Consider yourself lucky if you have anyone like this person in your family and friend circle. Wondering why? They make the whole process of getting that perfect gift easy. Here we have a list suggesting five chopping and cutting essential tools, which are pantry-must-haves for culinary enthusiasts. 

Read on to know what to pick!

Chef Knife

Chef knife, Image Source: Pexels

A chef's knife is one of the important appliances for every home cook. This sharp object can cut through virtually anything. Spending money and counter space on those bulky 12-plus knife sets are unnecessary. The ideal size is an 8" chef's knife. A high-quality one may be expensive, but if one maintains it sharp, one won't ever need to replace it.

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Wooden Chopping Board

A large wooden chopping board, Image Source: Pexels

It cannot be easy to decide between plastic and wooden boards if it comes to chopping. But remember that wood cutting boards are more hygienic than plastic ones because of the natural wood's qualities, such as natural tannins. Additionally, they are tougher and easier on knife blades. Choose end grain boards as large as your kitchen can accommodate, crafted of high-quality wood.


Mushroom Knife

A must-have foraging tool is a mushroom knife. The mushroom must be chopped carefully so as not to harm the mycelium. Harvesting mushrooms can be challenging due to their delicate stems. A mushroom knife's hawk-bill-shaped blades make it possible to slice mushrooms delicately.

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Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears, Image Source: wonderhowto.com

Most people keep a set of scissors close to their kitchen. But one must own specialised, high-quality kitchen shears. Typically, these have a few extra features than regular scissors. Bottle openers, centre parts for cracking nuts and bones, notches for opening jars, and heavy-duty metal for cutting through any joint and dismantling meat are all functions of this tool. Make sure your purchase contains at least some of the characteristics above if not all of them.

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Knife being sharpen on whetstones, Image Source: dontwasteyourmoney.com
The knife sharpeners and honing rods somewhat overshadow the whetstones. Nevertheless, they are the most effective tool. The outstanding outcomes depend on the angle at which you hold the dull knife and how much you wet the stone. The majority are made of a composite base such as corundum powder. They are ideal for blades made of carbon steel or other strong metals. There are also natural stones extracted from quarries and made entirely of natural components.