Your Guide To Using A Non-Stick Pan: What Can You Cook In It?
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Most often, when one is working with a pan in the kitchen, the most common concern that arises is that the food might stick to the pan and burn. This would destroy the flavour and texture of the dish being prepared. In such a scenario, non-stick frying pans come into play. This gives us an understanding that a non-stick pan is the ideal cookware for making delicate foods.

This makes it clear that this pan is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. From eggs to pancakes and other such dishes that require medium to low heat for cooking are perfect for non-stick pans. Since these pans don’t function well under high heat or high temperatures, you may not want to experiment with charred or seared meat since it won’t give you the desired crispiness.

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Here are a few foods that are ideal for non-stick pan cooking. 

1.   Cheese Sandwiches

While making anything that’s gooey and cheesy, the only catch is that cheese should melt properly without getting burnt. This is possible with the help of a non-stick frying pan. Since the pan doesn’t allow food to stick, your cheese sandwiches can be easily toasted in it. This is also possible because melting cheese doesn’t require high heat. Other cheesy dishes like wraps can also be made in the pan.

2.  Eggs

Egg lovers will agree that making eggs becomes a cakewalk when one has a non-stick pan in place. Easy to cook and flip your fried eggs and omelettes, the pan is also good for making a scrambled variety. Fluffy and crispy eggs are guaranteed with a runny yolk, just the way you like it so that you don’t have to worry about breakfast anymore. You can even make Shakshouka in this pan.  

3.  Fish

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Soft and tender fish, cooked to perfection, is possible with the help of a non-stick pan. Not all kinds of fish and seafood can be cooked in it though. Delicate ones like salmon and scallops are added to a preheated pan and the end result is a crispy exterior with a moist interior. However, meats like chicken cannot be seared or charred well in a pan.

4.   Pancakes And Crepes

Prepare a nice and smooth batter of pancakes and crepes and pour them on a pan. Spread it on a pan and flip to cook from both sides. The non-stick pan helps in this case because the batter, which is quite thick, doesn’t stick to the bottom and instead of burning the other side, you get a nice brown colour on both sides of the pancake. Similarly, it works for crepes too since they are delicate.  

5.   Toasted Nuts

Quick and easy way to toast your nuts, this is the perfect way to make crunchy nuts at home. Instead of going through the hassle of toasting them in the oven, all you can do is add a few drops of oil and throw in the nuts like cashews and almonds. Toss in the pan, and once they turn slightly brown, take them out.

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