Do you want to know something about non-stick pans? These non-stick pans come with a range of benefits, such as ease of cleaning the pan, food not getting stuck to the base, and not having to restore the cookware for a long time to come.  

These pans can be kept in proper condition for many many years. Non-stick pans are those utensils that can be used to make most of the foods we love eating, ranging from eggs to pancakes, and fish to custards. Wouldn’t you enjoy having them around longer so you can watch your food slide easily from the stovetop to your plate? You don’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing these pans, as food rarely sticks to the surface of the pans. But over time, these pans do tend to get worn out, if proper care is not taken.  

You don’t want to lose out on the many benefits of a non-stick pan now, do you? As long as you keep them in proper condition, you can keep enjoying the use of these pans.  

Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Here are some mistakes to avoid so you can ensure that the non-stick pan lasts longer -  

1. Don’t Use Sharp Metal Against The Surface 

While there really isn’t any point in using metal against the surface as food never gets stuck to the surface, we still want to put it out there because often, we don’t care what we use when we’re in a hurry. A metal spatula should be avoided at all costs! Use a rubber spatula instead.   

2. Don’t Cook Acidic Foods  

You must have been warned by your mother, and far too often you still continue to sauté tomatoes in the non-stick pan. The acid in the tomatoes will cause the pan to start losing its strength. So avoid preparing acidic foods.  

3.  Don’t Turn The Heat On High  

A lot of times, this is one of the major reasons why a non-stick pan cannot stand very high heat as it will definitely shorten the lifespan of the pan. Never do this. Further on, non-stick pans can be toxic when put on very high heat, which will affect the taste of the food.  

4. Don’t Heat The Pan Without Oil Or Other Ingredient  

If you allow the pan to heat up without any oil, this is a very bad move too. This will also cause the pan to release toxic chemicals, just like it would have if you put the heat on high.  

5. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals To Scrub  

Always use a gentle scrub instead of steel wool. There is no need to submerge the pan in water for hours and hours. You can simply scrub once and wash. This ensures that you are taking better care of the non-stick pan.  

We hope that these tips are useful!