Yasmin Karachiwala’s Healthy 3-Ingredient Fruit Popsicles
Image Credit: Ice Popsicles the healthy way

The weather is expected to stay warm for a few more months. Thus, one may still be trying to find ways to beat the heat. You’ll find several ways of doing so on the internet, but what will remind you of your childhood are these ice pops. Also known as Barf Ka Gola, ice pops are frozen ice chunks flavoured with a variety of syrups and held with a stick. To give the summer street food a healthy spin, Yasmin Karachiwala decided to make fruity ice pops at home. 

Some kids may not like fruits in their raw form and fret at the sight of being offered. However, we doubt that any kid would say no to a colourful frozen popsicle with sweet flavours. To feed them the fruits and keep them happy, the fruity ice pops are a fabulous trick. One can disguise nutrition in taste and no one will know. While ice pops can be made with a variety of fruits, the celebrity fitness trainer has picked strawberries and mangoes, since they are in season. She shared a video of her recipe on her Instagram feed. 

Fruity ice pops 

Her recipe is dairy-free and vegan-friendly as well as sugar-free so that one can enjoy the refreshing flavours of the fruity popsicle to the core. Made with just three ingredients, the popsicle has to be set for a few hours before it is ready to be consumed.  


    2 cups mangoes  

    1 cup strawberries  

    ¼ cup nut milk  


    Start by chopping some mangoes.  

    Add the mangoes to a blender and pour in some nut milk. You can pick the nut milk of your choice.  

    Then, in another blender, crush the strawberries. 

    Once they form a puree, take the popsicle moulds and pour less than half of each section with it.  

    Next, add the mango and milk mixture on top.  

    Place the sticks in the centre of each mould and freeze.  

    Finally, take them out and enjoy.