Popsicles are synonymous with summers and childhood. These bright and flavorful popsicles or ice lollies were the sole reason that many of us waited for summer in our childhood. Just one bite of these refreshing popsicles was enough to beat the heat. And this saga still continues as popsicles are the summer staple and no summer could escape this chilled and delicious delight.

Frozen desserts, in general, have been an integral part of the culinary world and have been enjoyed over centuries. It is said that ancient Roman slaves were sent up into the mountains to retrieve blocks of ice, to be crushed and served with fruit and spice syrups. Nowadays desserts usually require a considerable amount of skill, but did you know that your favorite juicy popsicle was made by a child? And moreover,  it was a pure and innocent mistake.

An eleven-year-old entrepreneur Frank Epperson of Oakland, California in 1905 is the creator of your most relished frozen dessert. The story goes that, after a long day of play, Frank wanted a sweet beverage to calm his thirst and to do so he filled a glass with water, powdered soda mix and wooden stick for stirring but inadvertently left the glass overnight in the cold night of Oakland. Next morning when Frank found the glass, the soda mixture was frozen solid, so he ran the glass under hot water and removed the ice pop using the stick as a means to hold the frozen block together. Frank initially called his invention the “Epsicle”. And continued to make this for his friends for many years, once he grew up he made them for his own children who apparently named it as “Pop’s sicle.” The name was so catchy that Frank patented it in 1923 to share his Popsicle with the world.

The frozen treat was an instant hit, especially after Epperson partnered with the Joe Lowe Co., which helped him to distribute the popsicles at bustling sites like Brooklyn’s Coney Island amusement park for just five cents. Since the raw material was minimal, ice lolly became a pocket-friendly sugary treat.

There is something alluring about those old-fashioned, tongue-staining freezers that keep us coming back to them every summer. Thanks to the eleven-year-old genius who found his Eureka moment and shared this delicious treat with the whole world and because of him, our summers are a tad tasty and colorful.