Yashraj Mukhate’s New Song Is An Ode To His Love For Ras Malai
Image Credit: Yashraj Mukhate/Instagram

Music producer Yashraj Mukhate, who shot to viral internet fame with his popular remix of Biggini Shoot during the pandemic, rang in his third year anniversary of his fame with the launch of his music label, YM Originals. As part of the launch of his new project, in true Yashraj Mukhate-style, he produced and lent vocals to a song about the Indian sweet – ras malai. The animated video corresponding to his original soundtrack, starts off with him placing a pot of ras malai on a table and goes on to show a dream sequence where a cartoon-version of Mukhate is seen jumping from one ras malai to another, in the sky.

The video also shows creative renditions of the milk sweet in the shape of sunflowers and floating pods in a pond of saffron milk. This delicious reimagination has us drooling! The video ends with the animated Mukhate dosing off to sleep on a ras malai, using a rose petal as the blanket to cover himself while the ras malai sun sets behind two mountains made of almonds. ‘Pehle kyu na pyaar se tujhe pukaara, na mile kisiko bhi tera nazaara, dobaara! Aye Rasmalai!’ go the lyrics of the song, which Mukhate shared with his fans and followers.

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In the social media post announcing the release of his first OST, Mukhate captioned the post saying, “This song is my love letter for my most favourite dessert, Rasmalai!” The music producer who rose to fame with his quirky recreations of Indian pop culture moments, was obsessed over by the internet for three of his major renditions – Twada Kutta Tommy, the viral Rasode Mein Kaun Tha and Biggini Shoot.