Worried About Soaring Tomato Rates? See What's Coming

Tomato has become talk of the town and surely not for good reasons. These days, prices of tomatoes have been touching the sky. Tomatoes range from Rs 120 to Rs 240 in different parts of the country. This essential kitchen ingredient has become a throbbing nerve for the common public and has affected their budget to a great extent. And if you think that this is it, you are wrong as the prices of other essential vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd and ridge gourd could be next. 

As per a report by Republic TV, not just tomatoes but other vegetables may also see a hike in their prices. Because of heavy rains and flood-like situation in many parts of North India, rates of bottle gourd, cucumber, ridge gourd and apple gourd could also increase substantially. It was stated that in the fruiting phase, some farmers have managed to salvage their harvest, but many others were not able to. As per reports, there could be crop devastation on a larger scale. 

Video credits: Editorji/YouTube

Over the past few weeks, the prices of a few vegetable prices have skyrocketed due to the flooding in North India and the erratic monsoon season. Since the harvests are turning futile amid flooding, the consumer market might have to face the consequences. As per Republic TV, the most affected crops are tomatoes, cucumber, bottle gourd and okra. Thus, it is expected that the consumer might have to pay much higher prices for these vegetables. This can lead to further stress in the pockets of the consumers.  

It needs to be mentioned here that price hikes in the monsoon season are common. But the situation this year is worse. The erratic rainfall in many regions has led to deaths and destruction on a larger scale. If some experts are to be believed, India’s retail inflation rate is at 4.81 per cent in June. Not just at households in India, the roadside eateries in cities and small businesses are also suffering because of the wrath of rising vegetable. Let us see where it goes this year. 

How are you dealing with the soaring prices of tomatoes and other vegetables? Do share your experience.