5 Simple Kitchen Remedies To Lighten Dark Circles
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Urban lifestyles are pretty demanding – with balancing work and domestic life, it becomes a challenge to steal a few moments of shut eye that provides quality rest to the body. High stress environments always have us on edge and affect the way we sleep and how much we manage to sleep, on an average. Utilising what’s in our kitchen shelves and coming up with a simple remedy which can be consistently incorporated into your routine is important. Here are five ways to help reduce dark circles significantly:

Herbal Tea

Consuming a cup of tea made by infusing ginger, tulsi and saffron in hot water, mixed with some honey, at least once a day is known to be effective in inducing good sleep. Having this herbal tea also makes you feel light after a meal, helping you sleep better and relaxing your nervous system. Alternately, wake up to a cup of this herbal tea for a refreshing start to your day, after a night of not sleeping well.

Good Fats

Add a couple of teaspoons of roasted peanuts, jaggery and grated coconut each to a bowl and mix well. Eat this mixture as an evening snack or a mid-day snack when you feel peckish. The good fats present in each of these ingredients lighten the skin as well as provide a healthy internal glow, helping your face have a fresher and more dewy look.

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Swap Chemical Cleansers

Making a thick slurry of gram flour and water to use on your face, in place of expensive chemical cleansers, face washes or soaps is one of the best and natural ways of keeping your skin clean and free of any unnecessary spots, marks or pigments. The gram flour is an excellent exfoliator, which helps remove unnecessary skin darkening caused by pigmentation.

Afternoon Naps

Although not exactly a kitchen remedy so to speak, taking a short 30-minute nap in the afternoon, post having a meal and going to bed before 11 pm are great ways to compensate for rest and destress your body. Naps also give you the opportunity to take a breather and provide your eyes some much-needed rest from staring at phone or computer screens all day long.

Coffee Paste

A paste made with coffee powder, honey and a teaspoon of water should be applied under the eyes at least thrice a week for 15-20 minutes. Coffee is known to be one of the best remedies to lighten skin under the eyes, underarms, etc. Make sure to use good quality coffee and only organic honey for the best results. You could also make a small jar of the paste in advance and refrigerate it for future use.