In such cases, washing your face is not enough. Your eyes demand more attention and care just like other parts of your body. Apart from eating green, leafy vegetables that are a rich source of Vitamin A, it is important to take some external care of your eyes too.  

Here are 5 home remedies that can give your eyes that brightening glow and health.  

1. Rose water  

This is extremely basic. Dip cotton pads in rose water and place them on your eyes for a few minutes. After you remove them, you’ll feel fresh and energized just like your eyes.  

2. Tea bags  

Yes, tea is great when you are drinking it but how about some ice tea packs? After brewing your tea, let it cool down and then splash it on your eyes. Another way to do this is to freeze the remaining tea bags and then put them on your eyelids while you relax. This can be beneficial for dark circles too.  

3. Potatoes  

This technique is very effective for reducing puffiness, dark circles and even wrinkles. Either you can grate the potato and use that pulp to relax your eyes or you could slice a potato and place it on your eyes.  

4. Cucumber and tomato  

Both of these can be used in a similar fashion. Slice the chilled vegetables and place one slice on each eye. In case of tomatoes, an application of its paste under and around the eyes can work wonders. 

5. Mint cubes  

For this, you have chop and add some mint leaves along with a tbsp of rose water in a glass of regular water. Mix this and pour on an ice tray. Freeze them for a day and use these refreshing cubes on youe eyelids to make them feel fresh and relaxed.  

Hydrating your eyes is as important as hydrating your body. Do not neglect your eye care, especially in the summer season.