Celebrate The Spirit With These Timeless Cocktails
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While the whiskey is enjoyed neat or on the rocks, there are some whiskey cocktails that should not be missed. Be it Manhattan or Pickleback, timeless whiskey cocktails define class, flavour and refreshment. The complex flavour of whiskey is perfectly balanced when paired with other ingredients like citrus, honey, or ginger.   

A whiskey cocktail mixes bourbon or rye whiskey with sugar and bitters, combines smoky Scotch whiskey with ginger, lemon, and honey, or mixes the peaty flavours of Scotch with the herbal notes of Drambuie liqueur and lemon juice. The possibilities are endless when crafting whisky cocktails.   

Whiskey's depth and character shine through in cocktails, while other ingredients soften its edges and allow its flavours to mingle in new combinations. Exploring whiskey cocktails opens up a world of possibilities for sipping and savouring this beloved spirit.  

8 Classic Whisky Cocktails That You Must Try  

Manhattan Cocktail  

Manhattan is a classic whiskey cocktail. Made by combining rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, Manhattan is an icon in the whiskey world. It can be made with bourbon, Canadian whisky, or any other style.  

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Old Fashioned  

A simple and sophisticated way to make a classic cocktail. Made with bitters, sugar, and an orange slice, the old-fashioned is a direct descendant of the earliest known cocktail, which in 1806 consisted of a little water, a little sugar, a lot of liquor and a couple of splashes of bitters.  

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Whiskey Sour  

The whiskey sour is a timeless recipe that's too good to pass up. You'll enjoy how the tart lemon plays off some of the sweeter notes in whiskey (backed up by a touch of simple syrup). Adding an egg white to the shaker gives it an intriguing mouthfeel, though you can skip it if you like.  

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John Collins  

Transform your whiskey into a classic and perfect John Collins by adding club soda for a refreshingly brilliant happy hour option. Mastering this recipe opens the door to endless variations, allowing exploration of the entire Collins cocktail family.  

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Mint Julep  

A must-have on any whiskey journey, the mint julep stands out as a refreshingly classic cocktail. Made with fresh mint, sugar, bourbon, and a touch of muddling, it's simple yet satisfying. Its popularity has spawned numerous delightful variations, making it a versatile favourite among cocktail enthusiasts.  

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Vieux Carre  

Though legendary in New Orleans, you can savour the Vieux Carre without leaving home. Crafted with rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine, and bitters, it offers divine complexity. If you follow the recipe precisely by measuring ingredients, you can achieve the perfect balance of flavours and capture the essence of this iconic cocktail.  

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The highball is a simple, two-ingredient mixed drink and a tall, refreshing way to enjoy your favourite whiskey. 

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Blended whiskies, rye whisky, and bourbons all go perfectly with the ginger ale. You can lighten it up with club soda if you prefer, too.  


The pickleback is a modern sensation that quickly grabbed whiskey drinkers' attention when it was popularised in Brooklyn. It's nothing more than a shot each of Irish whiskey and pickle juice. While it sounds like an odd combination, it's surprisingly tasty, easy to drink, and even better with a beer chaser.