Rajasthan, a land of stark contrasts… an arid land of extremes which envelops within it some of the harshest weather conditions. However, culturally, it also preserves and conserves with delicate care and passion everything that exists on its land – whether it is the fauna such as Godawan, its flora such as barley, its innovation in the form of step wells, or its people – known across the world for their thriving, colourful and intricate arts & craft. The flourishing and world-renowned arts and craft of Rajasthan, such as sandstone and marble art, are a testament to “beauty in scarcity” and crafting exceptional things of beauty from what nature provides.

And it was just last week that Godawan made its presence at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Vikram Damodaran, Chief Innovation Officer, Diageo India, says, “Godawan, Diageo India’s innovation in artisanal single malt whisky, is proof that India is the next emerging destination for quality single malts as well as artisanal craft spirits. Each bottle of Godawan can be traced back to a cluster of barley farms in Rajasthan, ensuring transparency and authenticity of the product and gets its provenance from extreme temperatures which lend it a rare & subtle complexity, and a unique taste. 

Homegrown artisanal whiskey

The whisky is not just a testament to the region’s craftsmanship and ingenuity, but also commitment to sustainability and preservation of the land it comes from – and it begins with the Great Indian Bustard.”

Launched in 26th March 2022, at Rajmahal Palace RAAS in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Godawan's evocative beauty is found in Rajasthan, a desert terroir it comes from. Proudly defined as the ‘Spirit Of The Desert’, it pushes the frontiers of modern Indian luxury globally while adhering to Rajasthan’s culture and heritage. Further adding Damodaran says “ Diageo India believes in continual disruption to heave the global premiumization wave. Godawan is the result of this commitment – offering modern luxury yet a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and preservation of the heartland. It is a brand introduced to transmute the way Indian single malts are perceived across the world and presenting Godawan at the Cannes Film Festival will encourage modern consumers across borders to understand the nuances of the luxurious flavours in both expressions of this artisanal single malt. Partnering with NFDC and unveiling our made in India innovation, for the world, at one of the most iconic Film Festivals that honours artists across the globe is testimony to India emerging as the new-haven for craft  spirits.” 

This one is tribute to the Great Indian Bustard 

Godawan is a labour of love, for our roots, for our heritage, for our land. And it is the embodiment of our commitment – to the conservation of the Great Indian Bustard, and to our communities of artisans and craftspeople. With only a few Great Indian Bustards left in the world, every bottle we make contributes to the conservation of this exquisite bird.