World Vegetarian Day: Iconic Indian Veg Dishes That We Love

World Vegetarian Day is here and this is the time to appreciate the vegetarian food around us. We must know that this day is celebrated to create awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism in order to reduce several health complications. 

There are so many vegetarian dishes but still, it is hard to discover something satisfying for picky eaters, isn’t it? But, Indian cuisine offers a huge range of scrumptious and delectable dishes. From our desi cholay to shahi paneer, there are several dishes that we absolutely love. The strong taste of these dishes, spice depth, and beautiful texture show that these vegetarian dishes are no less than their non-vegetarian counterparts. So, on this day, we have compiled some Indian vegetarian dishes that not even the pickiest eater would hate. So, let us have a look at the list and appreciate the beauty of these dishes.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani needs no introduction. We are all aware that this just isn’t a dal but lot more. It is one of the most famous dals from the Northern part of India and is loved for its creamy and rich texture and taste. Served with a lot of butter or ghee on top, this dal goes well with tawa roti, tandoori roti, naan, and even rice. Isn’t it a beauty?

Baingan Bhartha

I know many people who don’t eat baingan dishes except baingan bhartha. And why not, this dish is purely a delight. Baingan or eggplants are mashed and cooked with peas, many Indian spices and herbs. When grilled on charcoal, the dish gets a smoky flavour which makes it even more delicious. 


No matter where you are, no matter what you want, Pulao can never disappoint you. For people like me, pulao holds great importance as whenever I see pulao cooked at my home, my excitement goes to the next level. This rice dish has veggies, spices, and herbs cooked in oil or ghee. You just need a plate full of pulao and a bowl of curd to forget about your worries. 

Palak Paneer

When we talk of vegetarian food, it is essential to have a discussion around paneer, isn’t it? Among so so many loved paneer dishes, palak paneer is my favourite. One of the most popular dishes known to us, palak paneer has a creamy texture and a vibrant green colour because of spinach. Not only it is delicious but healthy as well.

Dum Aloo

Aloo is our staple diet and we cannot disagree on this. Potatoes are so basic in Indian households that they could be used in every other dish. One of the most loved aloo dishes is dum aloo, which is said to be originated from Kashmir. Cooking the perfect dum aloo isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Everything needs to be done in the right manner with a lot of patience. Of course, good things take time!!

Cholay Masala

Last but not the least, cholay masala is a popular Punjabi dish. This has chickpeas cooked in tangy, spicy and flavourful masala of tomato and spices. This is one such dish that goes with Bhature, kulcha, rice and roti. Cholay masala is simply delicious and lip-smacking. If you love Indian food, you know how tasty this protein-packed dish is.

Among a plethora of Indian Veg Dishes, we have selected these for you. Aren’t these the dishes you absolutely love? See, we knew it! So, have these dishes today and be a proud Vegetarian!!!