World Pasta Day 2022: History And Fascinating Facts
Image Credit: Different types of pasta, Image Source: Pexels

Today, pasta, is on top of most ordered and preferred dishes. Be it tangy Spaghetti Pomodoro, cheese-loaded Lasagna or humble Aglio olio, there is pasta for every mood and taste bud. Especially, pasta with diverse types, shapes, and tastes allows the epicureans to indulge in an array of culinary treats. Every year, October 25 marks World Pasta Day. But do you know that pasta has been eaten by people at least since 5,000 B.C.? As you set to celebrate this day with pappardelle, angel hair, or rigatoni, try to learn some fascinating facts about this event's history.


Are you aware that this particular day wasn't created until 1995? On October 25 1955, 40 pasta manufacturers reportedly came together to host the world's first World Pasta Congress. Since then, people worldwide have come together every October to honour one of the tastiest and most customisable delicacies. 

Many assume that pasta was invented by Chef Boyardee. But that's not the fact. Even though the company was established more than 80 years ago in Pennsylvania by real-life Italian cook Hector Boiardi. Since the first century A.D., this dish has been a favourite worldwide. While history has it that Marco Polo carried pasta from China in the 1200s. British food writer Jane Grigson had doubted it and felt the story began in the 1920s with a Canadian spaghetti company. We know that during the 14th and 15th centuries, dried pasta had a spike in popularity, primarily due to its convenience in storing. This made it feasible for explorers to take pasta on their ships. 

Lasagna, Image Source: Unsplash

Journey of pasta

In 1859, Hungary had a pasta industry.  By 1884, fashion had spread to what is now the Czech Republic. During one of his visits to Paris, President Jefferson had what he called macaroni. But it might have been any pasta. He eventually came back with two cases to America. When more Italian immigrants—mainly from Naples—came to America in the late 19th century, pasta's popularity in the country increased even further.

Spaghetti pasta, Image Source: Unsplash

Spaghetti is the most popular noodle in the United States, and Thomas Jefferson was the first to introduce pasta to this country. Pasta became a mainstay for southern Italians between 1700 and 1850. The reason was the wide accessibility and reasonable wheat pricing in Sicily and south Italy. 

Relevance of the day

The purpose of World Pasta Day is to optimise awareness of remarkably healthy, nutritious, accessible, and sustainable cuisine. It is an integral part of the Mediterranean Diet. And you believed it to be merely linguine? Due to its high carbohydrate content, pasta, particularly the whole grain kind, can aid in sustaining energy throughout the day. It also contains folic acid, has a low glycemic index, and won't likely result in unpleasant blood sugar rises. Additionally, it's a fantastic method to consume the recommended daily amount of whole grains.