World Kebab Day 2022: 7 Chicken Kebabs To Celebrate The Day
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Chicken Kebabs

In a world full of pakoras and tikkas, be a kebab. What’s the specialty of a kebab? Well, the idea of grilled minced meat, loaded with spices and herbs is nothing short of a delight. The delectable kebabs not only entail a rich flavour but an intense history too. Believed to have originated from Turkey, kebabs reached India through the Afghans and Mughals. It is said that the soldiers would grill the meat of the hunted animals on swords in an open fire and this would become their meal of the day. Interestingly, kebabs took their present shape and little did we know that we would be celebrating World Kebab Day on July 8 each year. 

While there is a plethora of mutton kebabs to devour, you cannot miss out on the bounty of chicken kebabs that are a part of Indian cuisine. From gilafi to kalmi, there is a huge variety of chicken kebabs that you can try at home on this day.  

1.   Chicken Shami Kebabs

A soft and meaty delight, shami kebabs are believed to have originated during the Mughal reign. The kebabs are made with minced chicken and soaked chickpeas which are mashed together to form a thick mixture. The kebab is carefully pressed on the palm of the hand to give it a round shape and dipped in an egg mixture after which it is shallow-fried in a pan. These are really soft and delicate in texture, paired with mint chutney and onion rings.  

2.  Chicken Kalmi Kebabs 

If you are a fan of juicy chicken legs, this kebab recipe will surely become your favourite. Contrary to the round-shaped kebabs, the kalmi kebabs are made from chicken thighs. The succulent chicken is coated in a creamy marination which lends the kebabs a flavourful taste. A mixture of cashews and cheese is prepared which is mixed with hung curd and fresh cream. Spruced up with haldi powder, ginger-garlic paste and more, the kebabs are grilled to perfection. 

3.  Chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab

Your kebabs don’t always have to be just chunks of meat. They can be slathered with vegetables and other things to make a wholesome meal. That’s the case with Gilafi kebabs too. The kebabs are made from minced chicken that has been marinated in spices. The mixture is carefully set on grill rods after which a coating of chopped vegetables is added to the skewers. This is the gilaf or covering that gives the kebab its name.  

4.  Murgh Noormahal Kebab

While the name sounds quite interesting, there is not much about the historical significance of this kebab. However, the delicious taste will surely leave you drooling. The uniqueness of the kebab lies in the fact that the chicken legs are used instead of minced chicken. The legs are covered in spices and cheese which lends the kebabs a spicy and creamy texture. After grilling, the kebabs are topped with some more cheese.

5.  Chicken Galawat Kebab

The delectable flavours of this kebab will instantly transport you to the royal kitchens of Awadh. Prepared for the Nawabs of Awadh back in the day, the galawat kebabs are known for their interesting meaty and tangy flavour as well as soft texture. The highlight is the use of raw papaya along with spices like cardamom, peppercorn and more. The deep-fried minced chicken kebabs are often served with mini khasta rotis and green chutney.  

6.  Chicken Burra Kebab

A popular kebab from Lucknow, the burra kebab is made with minced chicken. Traditionally made with minced mutton, these chicken burra kebabs are a variant of the same. These kebabs used to be chargrilled on an open fire, inspired by the kebabs made by soldiers in the ancient days. The technique of making the kebab as well as the way rock salt and salt are rubbed over the marinated meat is what lends the kebab a unique taste.  

7.   Peshawari Chicken Kebab 

What makes these kebabs so popular is the fact that they can be ready in a jiffy. Made with chicken that is tossed in lots of spices like red chilli, black pepper and cumin, the chicken kebabs are then shallow-fried to perfection. With a perfectly round and flat shape, the kebabs have a slightly tangy taste due to the use of anardana in the marination. 

From minced varieties like Burra kebab, Shami kebab and Galawat to distinct kebab preparations like Murg Noormahal and kalmi, you would find that the kebab platter of India is full of a variety of chicken kebabs that you can devour.