World Cocktail Day: Abhirup Bhattacharyya & Justin Dias' Recipes

A sip of an exciting cocktail is enough to add life to any boring party. With interesting ingredients and unique flavours, these boozy drinks have become a staple at all kinds of celebrations, including weddings and house parties. May 13 is observed as World Cocktail Day, which is celebrated across the globe. Basically, cocktails are alcoholic mixed drinks made with a combination of spirits, fruit juices, liqueurs, and herbs.

Over the past few years, cocktails have gained huge popularity due to the customization of the flavours according to an individual’s taste. From using a variety of spirits, such as gin, vodka, or whisky, to garnishing with different herbs, mixologists have created plenty of recipes to satiate all kinds of palates. Mojito, margarita, cosmopolitan, old-fashioned and sangria are some classic cocktails that are popular across the world.

If you are also looking for some interesting cocktails to celebrate World Cocktail Day, here are two recipes shared by renowned mixologists:


By Abhirup Bhattacharyya, Brand Ambassador, Maka Zai Rum


  • 60 ml Maka Zai white rum
  • 15 ml of rose syrup
  • 10 ml of strawberry syrup
  • 20 ml of fresh lime
  • 2 drops of foamer


  • Shake all the ingredients together and pour the drink into a coupe glass.
  • Top with some foam and garnish with dried rose petals. And serve.

Madikeri Mudslide  

By Justin Dias, Head Mixologist, RCB Bar & Café, Bengaluru


  • 30 ml vodka
  • 20 ml of fresh espresso
  • 20 ml Baileys
  • 20 ml of Kahlua
  • 5 ml of cinnamon syrup
  • Coffee beans to garnish


  • Shake the vodka, espresso, Baileys, Kahlua, and cinnamon syrup together in a cocktail shaker.
  • Serve it in a coupe glass and garnish with the coffee beans.