This World Cocktail Day Feruzan Bilimoria Stirs Some Pickler’s Prescription Highball With Gin
Image Credit: Feruzan Billimoria, Brand Ambassador/ Pic -Stranger & Sons

This special cocktail has been made by Feruzan Bilimoria is an award-winning mixologist and Brand Ambassador at Stranger & Sons. Coming from a family that enjoys and appreciates food and spirits, she has always been curious about flavours since childhood. A graduate from IHM Mumbai, she spent two years freelancing and post that, three years working in hotel bars, nightclubs and gastropubs, following which she decided to venture into the world of Gin with Stranger & Sons.

Feruzan is a household name in the Indian bar and bartending community and her renowned skills have won her a number of awards. She leads the team in cocktail research and experimentation, channeling her inherent curiosity for Indian customs and contemporary techniques. Responsible for developing the pickle and cordial recipes that make Stranger & Sons’ signature cocktails, Feruzan played a key role in developing the brand’s drink strategy. When she isn’t stirring up something new or sipping on her favourite Third Eye Gibson, you’ll find Feru doodling, reading and dancing.

The brand sees there is there is much an opportunity to grow the country’s cocktail culture and introduce India’s gin enthusiasts to something exciting, innovative and entirely new. They have also channelled their creativity and launched a new innovation into a fresh, balanced and luscious limited edition cocktail, Perry Road Peru! They aim at weaving a distilled cocktail movement in India and plans to bring a new, unique distilled cocktail every year to surprise our consumers in the most unexpected ways.

Feruzan Billimoria, Brand Ambassador/ Pic -Stranger & Sons




Stranger & Sons 60ml

Pickled Apricot Brine 20ml

Soda water 100ml


Pickled Apricot 1 


●       Keep a tall/highball glass in the freezer to chill (can be done a few hours prior).

●       Measure and add Stranger & Sons and the apricot brine to the glass.

●       Add lots of ice and top it with soda. Give it a light stir.

●       Garnish with a pickled apricot.

●       Serve immediately.


How to make Pickled Apricot:

Dry Apricot with seeds 350gm

White wine vinegar 250ml

Apple cider vinegar 250ml

Sugar 325gm

Honey 70gm

Cinnamon 5gm

Star anise 5gm

Bay leaf 1 no.

Black peppercorn 4gm

Mace 5gm

Coriander seeds 5gm

Sea salt 10gm


●       Make a little pouch of your spices by weighing them and wrapping it up in a little muslin cloth.

●       Mix all the ingredients except for apricots and stir until sugar is dissolved.

●       Simmer for 5 mins and skim the surface for any scum that forms.

●       Add the apricots and let it stew for 2 mins.

●       Switch off heat and let it rest for 2 days before using.

●       Remove the spice bag after a week or else the flavors will get too strong.

●       Keep the pickle refrigerated and it will last for months.