Women's Day 2024: Which Cocktail Suits You Based On Zodiac Sign
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Every woman fuses a unique combination of qualities into her essence just like a mixologist crafting a sublime concoction. She stirs in compassion to soothe the troubled, adds a sparkle of wit to lighten the mood, and infuses just enough strength to embolden the weak. Her very presence awakens and elevates us, like that first sip of a perfectly balanced drink.  

Just as the twelve signs of the zodiac bestow distinct traits upon those born under their auspices, every woman possesses an astrological blueprint that shapes her persona. The steadfast loyalty of a Taurus, the creative flair of a Gemini, and the regal bearing of a Leo, all lend nuance to the feminine mystique. Yet no single sign defines her fully, for she weaves celestial magic in her own way.   

Let us raise a glass to womanhood in all its forms and find out which cocktail you should drink on International Women's Day based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Whiskey Sour 

The bold and daring Aries should try Whiskey Sour. This drink is made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and if you're feeling brave like the powerful Aries, a little egg white. The Whiskey Sour is tangy, sweet, and smooth - perfect for the adventurous Aries!  

Taurus: Old Fashioned  

The Taurus is a practical, responsible, determined and dependable person like the classic Old-Fashioned drink. This drink has whiskey, sugar, bitters, and an orange slice. A Taurean likes things that are simple and traditional. They will enjoy sipping this drink while unwinding or spending time with their loved ones.

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Gemini: Cosmopolitan  

Geminis love to have fun! They are super friendly and love to talk to new people. Cosmopolitan might be the perfect drink for this socialite. This pink cocktail has vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice in it. Geminis are like social butterflies, fluttering around parties. The Cosmopolitan gives them energy to talk and dance all night long! 

Cancer: Mojito   

Caring Cancer will love a mojito. This drink has rum, bubbly water, mint leaves, and lime juice. It's yummy without alcohol too. The faithful Cancer can drink this at a restaurant with pals or make it at home with family and for their loved ones while enjoying a few themselves. A mojito might be a fun, fruity choice for the gentle Cancer. 

Leo: Manhattan  

Leo is confident and a natural leader! And after a long day, The Manhattan cocktail might be perfect to unwind. It's made with whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth. Whiskey gives it a bold taste, just like Leo! The bitters add complexity, for their creative side and the sweet vermouth balances the flavours, making it a smooth drink to sip on at ease. 


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Virgo: Espresso Martini 

For all the hard-working virgo ladies who pay attention to details, the Espresso Martini cocktail might just be what you need. This drink has coffee, coffee-flavoured liquor, and vodka in it, which can fuel the energy for the Virgo’s proactive ladies to finish any job they start.   

Libra: Bellini 

Libras! Bellini is the cocktail for you. It's a tasty drink with just two ingredients - bubbly prosecco and sweet peach puree. The balance between the two is what makes for a perfect bellini, which will make a perfectionist Libra’s evening. This simple cocktail is the perfect match for happy-go-lucky women of this zodiac who are looking for a little sweetness.

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Scorpio: Mai Tai  

A Mai Tai could be just the drink for a woman of this zodiac as she is always on the lookout for something new to try. This colourful cocktail is made with curaçao, syrup, lime juice and rum. It's a bold and passionate choice for a brave Scorpio looking for adventure! Go on, take a risk. A Mai Tai awaits!

Sagittarius: Dirty Shirley 

Since Sagittarians are playful and optimistic, they could try a new twist on the classic Shirley Temple. This one is called the Dirty Shirley Temple. It's made with vodka and grenadine, so it's got a little kick! The cherry garnish and sweet grenadine can take you right back to childhood for a nostalgic experience that could put a smile on your face.  

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Capricorn: Moscow Mule 

Women of this zodiac sign are responsible and like to do things by themselves on their own.  So, they might really enjoy the classic Moscow Mule. This drink is made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. It tastes yummy and even comes in a special copper mug. 

Aquarius: Mint Julep 

It's a fun and funky drink that an independent spirit like an Aquarian woman would enjoy. They are open to trying new things on-the-go or taking things the way, they come. So, a refreshing drink like Mint Julep would be ideal! It's made with bourbon, sugar, water, crushed ice and fresh mint.  

Pisces: French Martini

A Piscean is known for their creativity and ability to perceive art. A sophisticated and a pretty pink drink like French Martini might be just the potion to make their evenings enjoyable. The French Martini has vodka, raspberry, pineapple juice, and Chambord liqueur. The artistic Pisces will go for a couple of this tipple on any given day.